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scripts/functions: add aria2, a powerfull downloader
aria2 is a powerfull downloader that is capable of chunking and parallel retrieval. Due to li;itations in crosstool-NG retrieval facilities, it's not possible to take fully advantage of aria2. It might happen that, in the future, those limitations get lifted away, so we can take use features such as parallel downloading from more than one server at the same time. For now, it should still speed up downloads thanks to parallel downloading of chunks.
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diff --git a/configure b/configure
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@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ has_or_abort prog=libtool
ver='\(GNU libtool.*\) (2[[:digit:]]*\.|1\.6[[:digit:]]*\.|1\.5\.[2-9][[:digit:]]+)' \
err="'libtool' 1.5.26 or above was not found"
has_or_abort prog=stat ver='GNU coreutils'
-has_or_abort prog="curl wget"
+has_or_abort prog="aria2c curl wget"
has_or_abort prog=cvs
has_or_abort prog=patch
has_or_abort prog=tar