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Update the knwon issues with the broekn build of seemingly-native toolchains.
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+This files lists the known issues encountered while developping crosstool-NG,
+but that could not be addressed before the release.
+The file has one section for each known issue, each section containing four
+sub-sections: Symptoms, Explanations, Fix, and Workaround.
+Each section is separated from the others with a lines of at least 4 dashes.
+The following dummy section explains it all.
+ --------------------------------
+ Symptoms:
+ A one-liner of what you would observe.
+ Explanations:
+ An as much as possible in-depth explanations of the context, why it
+ happens, what has been investigated so far, and possible orientations
+ as how to try to solve this (eg. URLs, code snippets...).
+ Fix:
+ What you have to do to fix it, if at all possible.
+ The fact that there is a fix, and yet this is a known issue means that
+ time to incorporate the fix in crosstool-NG was missing, or planned for
+ a future release.
+ Workaround:
+ What you can do to fix it *temporarily*, if at all possible.
+ A workaround is not a real fix, as it can break other parts of
+ crosstool-NG, but at least makes you going in your particular case.
+So now, on for the real issues...
+ Seemingly native toolchains do not build.
+ Seemingly native toolchains are toolchains that target the same architecture
+ as the one it is built on, and on which it will run, but the machine tuple
+ may be different (eg i686 vs. i386, or x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu vs.
+ x86_64-pc-linux-gnu).
+ This seems to happen when building glibc-2.7 based toolchains only, for
+ x86 and for x86_64.
+ Only the system part of the tuple (here, linux-gnu) needs to be the same to
+ trigger the bug.
+ If you really cross-compile (eg x86 -> x86_64, or the other way around),
+ the toolchain builds successfully.
+ None known.
+ If this happens for you, stick with glibc-2.6.1 for now.
+ Or investigate! :-)