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@@ -144,6 +144,27 @@ CT_TARGET_ALIAS:
An alias for the toolchian. It will be used as a prefix to the toolchain
tools. For example, you will have ${CT_TARGET_ALIAS}-gcc
+Also, if you think you don't see enough versions, you can try to enable one of
+ Show obsolete versions or tools. Most of the time, you don't want to base
+ your toolchain on too old a version (of gcc, for example). But at times, it
+ can come handy to use such an old version for regression tests. Those old
+ versions are hidden behind CT_BSOLETE.
+ Show experimental versions or tools. Again, you might not want to base your
+ toolchain on too recent tools (eg. gcc) for production. But if you need a
+ feature present only in a recent version, or a new tool, you can find them
+ hidden behind CT_EXPERIMENTAL.
+ Show broken versions or tools. Some usefull tools are currently broken: they
+ won't compile, run, or worse, cause defects when running. But if you are
+ brave enough, you can try and debug them. They are hidden behind CT_BROKEN,
+ which itself is hiddent behind EXPERIMENTAL.
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