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[populate] fix documentation
This patch fixes the existing documentation: - document -l and -L - use syntax more in line with the help entry
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@@ -412,6 +412,9 @@ eg. /your/root. This directory is the /image/ of what would be in the root file
system of your target, and will contain all that your programs/packages have
+The 'populate' script |
When your root directory is ready, it is still missing some important bits: the
toolchain's libraries. To populate your root directory with those libs, just
@@ -425,23 +428,32 @@ contains only those things you install in it.
You can then use /your/root-populated to build up your file system image, a
tarball, or to NFS-mount it from your target, or whatever you need.
-populate accepts the following options:
+The populate script accepts the following options:
+ -s src_dir
+ Use 'src_dir' as the un-populated root directory.
- -s [src_dir]
- Use 'src_dir' as the 'source', un-populated root directory
+ -d dst_dir
+ Put the populated root directory in 'dst_dir'.
- -d [dst_dir]
- Put the 'destination', populated root directory in 'dst_dir'
+ -l lib1 [...]
+ Always add specified libraries.
+ -L file
+ Always add libraries listed in 'file'.
- Remove 'dst_dir' if it previously existed
+ Remove 'dst_dir' if it previously existed; continue even if any library
+ specified with -l or -L is missing.
Be verbose, and tell what's going on (you can see exactly where libs are
coming from).
- Print the help
+ Print the help.
+See 'your-target-tuple-populate -h' for more information on the options.