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config: prepare for build-system backend
When acting as a backend for a build-system, we should not build any application that runs on the target, that is: - no native gdb - no companion libraries - no binutils libraries - no debug tools (save for gdbserver) - ... Here, we simply prepare the (hidden) config option that will detect that we are acting as a back-end. Update doc accordingly.
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Configuring crosstool-NG
Interesting config options
Re-building an existing toolchain
+ Using as a backend for a build-system
Running crosstool-NG
Stopping and restarting a build
Testing all toolchains at once
@@ -350,6 +351,21 @@ toolchain with this configuration, just redirect the output to the
Then, you can review and change the configuration by running:
ct-ng menuconfig
+Using as a backend for a build-system |
+Crosstool-NG can be used as a backend for an automated build-system. In this
+case, some components that are expected to run on the target (eg. the native
+gdb, ltrace, DUMA...) are not available in the menuconfig, and they are not
+build either, as it is considered the responsibility of the build-system to
+build its own versions of those tools.
+If you want to use crosstool-NG as a backend to generate your toolchains for
+your build-system, you have to set and export this environment variable:
+(case is not sensitive, you can say Y).