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Update man page to explictly point to overview.txt.
In overview.txt, document usage of the populate script.
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(see section titled
scripts to be more easily maintainable, added the Kconfig configurator, some
+patches, support for linux headers installation, and support for uClibc-based
Please consult the file
for a list of contributors.
+You can find more in-depth documentation in
+.IR @@CT_DOCDIR@@/overview.txt .
Please have a look at the
.URL "" "original crosstool" " by Daniel KEGEL"
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@@ -206,6 +206,35 @@ Testing all toolchains at once |
You can test-build all samples; simply call:
ct-ng regtest
+ /
+Using the toolchain /
+Using the toolchain is as simple as adding the toolchain's bin directory in
+your PATH, such as:
+ export PATH="${PATH}:/your/toolchain/path/bin"
+and then using the target triplet to tell the build systems to use your
+ ./configure --target=your-target-triplet
+ make CC=your-target-triplet-gcc
+ make CROSS_COMPILE=your-target-triplet-
+ and so on...
+When your root directory is ready, it is still missing some important bits: the
+toolchain's libraries. To populate your root directory with those libs, just
+ your-target-triplet-populate -s /your/root -d /your/root-populated
+This will copy /your/root into /your/root-populated, and put the needed and only
+the needed libraries there. Thus you don't polute /your/root with any cruft that
+would no longer be needed should you have to remove stuff. /your/root always
+contains only those things you install in it.
+You can then use /your/root-populated to build up your file system image, a
+tarball, or to NFS-mount it from your target, or whatever you need.
Toolchain types /