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samples: add rule to dump current .config into a defconfig
... and one to restore it, of course. Reported-by: Thomas Petazzoni <> Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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with the target tuple they represent.
+.B defconfig
+Save the current configuration to a mini-defconfig file, that contains only
+the strictly required symbols to reproduce the configuraiton. defconfig files
+are much smaller than a complete .config, so it is easy to send by mail. As
+only non-default symbols are present in a defconfig, it easy to spot the
+meaningfull values. Also, it is easy to use defconfig files with newer
+versions of
+.BR crosstool-NG .
+By default the mini-defconfig is saved to a file named
+.IR defconfig ,
+unless the variable
+is set, in which case the mini-defconfig will be saved to the file referenced
+Note: only the
+.I .config
+file for
+.B crosstool-NG
+is saved. Config files for the components are
+.B not
+saved. Use
+.B saveconfig
+for that
+.B olddefconfig
+.B crosstool-NG
+using a mini-defconfig file (previously saved with
+.B defconfig
+or manually edited). The default mini-defconfig is rad from the file
+.IR defconfig ,
+unless the vraiable
+is set, inwhich case the mini-defconfig will be read from the file referenced
.B build
Builds the configured toolchain.