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docs: configure no longer accepts --with-contrib
It's been a while that configure does not recognise --with-contrib. Applying contibutions is to be done manually, using patch.
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Some people contibuted code that couldn't get merged for various reasons. This
-code is available as patches in the contrib/ sub-directory. These patches are
-to be applied to the source of crosstool-NG, prior to installing.
-An easy way to use contributed code is to pass the --with-contrib= option to
-./configure. The possible values depend upon which contributions are packaged
-with your version, but you can get with it with passing one of those two
-special values:
- --with-contrib=list
- will list all available contributions
- --with-contrib=all
- will select all avalaible contributions
+code is available as lzma-compressed patches, in the contrib/ sub-directory.
+These patches are to be applied to the source of crosstool-NG, prior to
+installing, using something like the following:
+ lzcat contrib/foobar.patch.lzma |patch -p1
There is no guarantee that a particuliar contribution applies to the current
version of crosstool-ng, or that it will work at all. Use contributions at