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docs/known-issues: document the "error compiling FC test program" issue
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Build shared companion libraries.
+ While building the final gcc, I get an error message that ends with:
+ libtool.m4: error: problem compiling FC test program
+ The gc build procedure tries to run a Fortran test to see if it has a
+ working native fortran compiler installed on the build machine, and it
+ can't find one. A native Fortran compielr is needed (seems to be) to
+ build the Fortran frontend of the cross-compiler.
+ Even if you don't want to build the Fortran frontend, gcc tries to see
+ if it has one, but fails. This is no problem, as the Fortran frontend
+ will not be built. There is nothing to be worry about (unless you do
+ want to build the Fortran frontend, of course).
+ None so far. It's a spurious error, so there will probably never be
+ a fix for this issue.
+ None needed, it's a spurious error.