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Upgrade script for uClibc retirement
Run samples through upgrade and fix accumulated breakages: *-centos6-*: After 2.12.2 retirement, the samples selected most recent glibc (2.34) which also forced kernels 3.2+. Revert to 2.12.1 and, respectively. Interestingly, 2.12.1 was marked as being used in CentOS6, but the samples selected 2.12.2. Anyway, CentOS6 is EOL now and glibc 2.12 is going to be marked obsolete, and retired soon. arc-*: Make TARGET_VENDOR match the sample's name; otherwise `ct-ng saveconfig` places the config file into a different location. Fix 'savedefconfig' which was not saving the configuration file version (CT_VCHECK was set to 'load' after CT_LoadConfig call). Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
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