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authorAlexey Neyman <>2015-11-08 07:31:46 (GMT)
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Change ncurses to a companion library.
Currently, builds for build and target (matching the current implementation). Need to add building for host for canadian crosses. TIC_PATH is removed - configure in ncurses searches $PATH, so it finds 'tic' in buildtools anyway. Arguably unneeded code for MacOS also removed, with a FIXME comment for validation by someone using MacOS. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
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--- a/scripts/
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ doHelp() {
'tool' in one of:
gcc, binutils, glibc, uClibc, newlib, linux, gdb, dmalloc,
duma, strace, ltrace, libelf, gmp, mpfr, ppl, cloog, mpc,
- mingw-w64, expat
+ mingw-w64, expat, ncurses
Valid options for all tools:
--stable, -s, +x (default)
@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
--mpc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=MPC; tool=mpc; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
--libelf) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBELF; tool=libelf; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
--expat) EXP=; OBS=; cat=EXPAT; tool=expat; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --ncurses) EXP=; OBS=; cat=NCURSES; tool=ncurses; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
# Tools options:
-x|--experimental|+s) EXP=1;;