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authorYann E. MORIN" <>2009-10-03 15:09:18 (GMT)
committerYann E. MORIN" <>2009-10-03 15:09:18 (GMT)
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debug/gdb: cleanup (remove) the static ncurses build
ncurses is built solely for the sake of building a native gdb. The user should not rely on this library to build his/her userland, but should rather build his/her own. So we remove it from the sysroot after we successfully build the native gdb.
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diff --git a/scripts/build/debug/ b/scripts/build/debug/
index 9207ca7..d9f2439 100644
--- a/scripts/build/debug/
+++ b/scripts/build/debug/
@@ -265,6 +265,10 @@ do_debug_gdb_build() {
unset ac_cv_func_strncmp_works
+ CT_DoLog EXTRA "Cleaning up ncurses"
+ cd "${CT_BUILD_DIR}/build-ncurses"
+ CT_DoExecLog ALL make DESTDIR="${CT_SYSROOT_DIR}" uninstall
CT_EndStep # native gdb build