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authorYann E. MORIN" <>2007-07-30 20:02:13 (GMT)
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Remove any reference to libfloat. That has gone once and for all.
Rationale: Most of the time, soft-float problems are caused by this sucker of gcc: it has support for soft float for all of the targets I've tried so far, but does not activate this code until you dwelve into half a dozen of files to make it accept to build and link the support code... So, yes: gcc has soft-float support. And again, yes: gcc is a sucker.
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@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ CT_STEPS := libc_check_config \
libc_headers \
libc_start_files \
cc_core_pass_2 \
- libfloat \
libc \
cc \
libc_finish \