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are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), v2, to be found
+- Also, I want to clarify one point. If you build a toolchain with crosstool-NG
+ and you happen to sell, deliver, or otherwise publish this toolchain to a
+ third party, I consider crosstool-NG as being part of the sources needed to
+ rebuild the afore-mentioned toolchain, alongside with all other source code
+ that third party is otherwise entitled to receive, due to other licenses of
+ the different components. See licenses.d/gpl.txt, section 3, which reads:
+ > For an executable work, complete source code means [...], plus the
+ > scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable.
+ In short: crosstool-NG is the part refered to as "the scripts to control
+ compilation and installation of the exectuable", it being the toolchain in
+ our case; and as such you must make it available, in conformance to the
+ GPLv2, see above.