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@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@ Using the toolchain
The 'populate' script
Toolchain types
Seemingly-native toolchains
+ Sending a bug report
+ Sending patches
Makefile front-end
Kconfig parser
@@ -157,8 +160,7 @@ Stay in the directory holding the sources, and run:
See below for complete usage.
Now, provided you used a clone of the repository, you can send me your changes.
-See the file README, at the top of crosstool-NG source, for how to submit
+See the section titled CONTRIBUTING, below, for how to submit changees.
Preparing for packaging |
@@ -597,6 +599,74 @@ used by the cross-compiler it is going to build. The problem seems to arise
only with glibc (and eglibc?) starting with version 2.7.
+ /
+Contributing /
+Sending a bug report |
+If you need to send a bug report, please send a mail with subject
+prefixed with "[CT_NG]" with to following destinations:
+ TO: yann.morin.1998 (at)
+ CC: crossgcc (at)
+Sending patches |
+If you want to enhance crosstool-NG, there's a to-do list in the TODO file.
+Patches should come with the appropriate SoB line. A SoB line is typically
+something like:
+ Signed-off-by: John DOE <>
+The SoB line is clearly described in Documentation/SubmittingPatches , section
+12, of your favourite Linux kernel source tree.
+Then you'll need to correctly configure Mercurial. There are two extensions
+that you may find usefull:
+ - mq :
+ - patchbomb :
+Commit messages should look like (without leading pipes):
+ |component: short, one-line description
+ |
+ |optional longer description
+ |on multiple lines if needed
+Here is an example commit message (see revision a53a5e1d61db):
+ |comp-libs/cloog: fix building
+ |
+ |For CLooG/PPL 0.15.3, the directory name was simply cloog-ppl.
+ |For any later versions, the directory name does have the version, such as
+ |cloog-ppl-0.15.4.
+Here's a typical hacking session:
+ hg clone crosstool-ng
+ cd crosstool-ng
+ hg qinit
+ hg qnew -D -U -e my_first_patch
+ *edit patch description*
+ *hack* *hack* *check* *fails* *hack* *hack* *check* *works*
+ hg qref -D -e
+ *edit patch description, serving as commit message*
+ hg qnew -D -U -e my_second_patch
+ *edit patch description*
+ *hack* *hack* *check* *fails* *hack* *hack* *check* *works*
+ hg qref -D -e
+ *edit patch description, serving as commit message*
+ hg email --outgoing --intro \
+ --from '"Your Full NAME" < (at) your.domain>' \
+ --to '"Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 (at)>' \
+ --cc 'crossgcc (at)'
+ *edit introductory message*
+ *wait for feedback*
+ *re-send if no answer for a few days*
+Note: replace '(at)' above with a plain '@'.
Internals /