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2008-05-03One-liner to fix default proxy config.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2008-05-02Add latest linux kernel versions.Yann E. MORIN"1-103/+26
2008-05-02Add latest, untested gdb versionsYann E. MORIN"1-0/+18
2008-05-02Remove some EXPERIMENTAL binutils versions, I do not have time to create asso...Yann E. MORIN"1-24/+0
2008-04-30Remove obsolete MPFR version, as it is no longer available for download.Yann E. MORIN"1-5/+0
2008-04-30Merge the fortran stuff to trunk now it works!Yann E. MORIN"3-0/+75
2008-04-28Add latest binutils snapshots.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2008-04-27Eye candy in the binutils config menu.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2008-04-27Add building some binutils libraries for the target, as some utilities might ...Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+22
2008-04-27Offer an option to build a static cross-gdb.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+9
2008-04-20Try to make clear that SOCKS proxying is currently BROKEN.Yann E. MORIN"1-17/+19
2008-04-18Using SOCKS 4/5 proxy is no easy task:Yann E. MORIN"1-8/+31
2008-04-18Fix using HTTP proxy.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2008-04-17Add latest Linux kernel versions.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+17
2008-04-17Moving around the files in config/ broke the tools/ script.Yann E. MORIN"10-7/+7
2008-04-17Re-order the target sub-menu, so that architectures are alphabetically ordered.Yann E. MORIN"1-6/+6
2008-04-17Move config files around, and clean up the mess in the config/ directory.Yann E. MORIN"16-12/+12
2008-04-17Break-down config/ into smaller, much more maintainable files.Yann E. MORIN"6-500/+502
2008-04-17Add an option to use a SOCKS 4/5 proxy to connect to the internet.Yann E. MORIN"1-14/+81
2008-04-13Allow using an HTTP proxy to tunnel FTP and HTTP requests.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+54
2008-02-15Robert P. J. DAY says:Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+5
2008-02-15Robert P. J. DAY says:Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+5
2008-02-15Add EXPERIMENTAL binutils 2.18.50.x.y versions.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+24
2008-02-15Update the list of kernel versions.Yann E. MORIN"1-41/+72
2008-02-14Robet P. J. DAY: typoes.Yann E. MORIN"4-5/+5
2008-02-14Add latest gcc-4.2.3 as EXPERIMENTAL (no build attempted at all).Yann E. MORIN"1-6/+17
2008-02-14Add latest kernel versions (Robert P. J. DAY).Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+17
2008-01-16Merge the preliminary Super-H support from /branches/Super-H.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+11
2007-10-30Add EXPERIMENTAL glibc-2.7.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+6
2007-10-30Add EXPERIMENTAL gcc-4.2.2.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+6
2007-10-30Add linux, 2.6.23 and E. MORIN"1-0/+17
2007-09-29Add linux-2.6.22.{8,9}.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2007-09-23Renamed all patches file names so that locales are now irrelevant to sort the...Yann E. MORIN"1-24/+0
2007-09-22Add linux- for kernel headers.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+6
2007-09-16Fix using --local.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+1
2007-09-14Small eye-candy fix.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+2
2007-09-14Add the framework to have architecture-specific configuration and functions.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+17
2007-09-11Merge from branches/ia64@476 : add ia64 preliminary support.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+7
2007-09-07Add D.U.M.A. 2_5_8 and associated patches.Yann E. MORIN"2-10/+8
2007-09-06ARM defaults to LE, MIPS to BE. Reflect this in the target configuration opti...Yann E. MORIN"1-2/+2
2007-09-02Add linux- for the kernel headers.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+6
2007-09-02Unmark glibc-2.6{,.1} as being EXPERIMENTAL: they are no longer considered as...Yann E. MORIN"1-4/+2
2007-08-30For those architectures that support both endianness, some default to big end...Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2007-08-30Apply some scosmetic changes, courtesy Al Stone <>.Yann E. MORIN"2-15/+27
2007-08-29Add linux-2.6.22.{4,5}Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2007-08-29Add binutils-2.18.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+5
2007-08-15Add linux- for kernel headers isntall.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+6
2007-08-15Change "triplet" (target triplet) to "tuple". That sounds better!Yann E. MORIN"1-6/+6
2007-08-15Get rid of the core cc selection. It is now the same as the final compiler.Yann E. MORIN"3-207/+18
2007-08-14Do a clean-up pass on the OBSOLETE features (versions):Yann E. MORIN"11-1337/+37