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2007-05-27Merge the NPTL stuff.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+294
2007-05-22Update mips-unknown-linux-uclibc to the latest set of config options.Yann E. MORIN"1-2/+15
2007-05-22Mark broken samples as such: use a file named 'broken' in the sample's direct...Yann E. MORIN"2-0/+0
2007-05-22Update the mips-unknown-linux-uclibc sample to the new set of config options.Yann E. MORIN"2-12/+19
2007-05-19Add uClibc-0.9.29:Yann E. MORIN"2-26/+67
2007-05-18Reverting to uClibc-, as 0.9.29 spawns incorrect bits/sysnum.h (needs...Yann E. MORIN"2-68/+22
2007-05-17Make the debug config menu a generated file.Yann E. MORIN"2-27/+82
2007-05-11Like tweak to the armeb-xscale-linux-uclibc sample to not renice the build.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2007-05-10Update the way we handle directories supplied by the user:Yann E. MORIN"4-16/+11
2007-05-08Huge fixes to glibc build, so that we can build at least (and at last):Yann E. MORIN"2-1387/+63
2007-05-08Print the major components and their version when calling "make help".Yann E. MORIN"1-5/+3
2007-05-08Remove the incomplete i686-unknown-linux-uclibc sample.Yann E. MORIN"2-1680/+0
2007-05-07Update the i586-geode-linux-uclibc sample.Yann E. MORIN"2-1997/+54
2007-05-07Bah, the arm-qemu-linux-uclibc sample isn't usefull. Base your work on the ar...Yann E. MORIN"3-1554/+0
2007-05-07Update the mips-unknown-linux-uclibc sample:Yann E. MORIN"2-29/+19
2007-05-07Update armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc sample:Yann E. MORIN"2-1414/+40
2007-05-07Merge the save-sample branch to trunk:Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+17
2007-05-03Rename the MIPS toolchain: it's not qemu-specific!Yann E. MORIN"2-2/+5
2007-05-03Final merge from the MIPS branch.Yann E. MORIN"2-0/+432
2007-04-10Update the armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc sample to use linux- headers an...Yann E. MORIN"2-8/+17
2007-03-21Update armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc sample to disable __cxa_atexit usage.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+2
2007-03-07Update the armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc sample to using the linux- kern...Yann E. MORIN"2-14/+36
2007-03-04Update i586-geode-linux-uclibc sample:Yann E. MORIN"3-374/+682
2007-03-04Update armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc to use uClibc- E. MORIN"2-4/+4
2007-03-04Update armeb-unknown-linux-uClibc sample:Yann E. MORIN"1-7/+22
2007-03-04Update the armeb-unknow-linux-gnu sample.Yann E. MORIN"1-22/+49
2007-02-24Add the full crosstool-NG sources to the new repository of its own.Yann E. MORIN"13-0/+8630