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2015-11-14Remove --disable-libsanitizer.Alexey Neyman1-1/+0
It is now added automatically if CT_GCC_SANITIZER is not set - and that option depends on !UCLIBC. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-11-14Switch to using EV67 in alphaev67-*.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
It does not make much sense to have alphaev67 example use -mcpu=ev67, does it? Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-11-14More trivial sample updates.Alexey Neyman1-2/+0
Drop ARCH_ARCH/ARCH_TUNE where it is overridden by ARCH_CPU. Also, same updates as in the previous batch for architectures with !ARCH_EXCLUSIVE_WITH_CPU (i.e. where there is no need to drop ARCH_CPU/ARCH_TUNE). Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-11-14Use $* to simplify rules in Neyman1-9/+9
Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-11-14Add update-samples target.Alexey Neyman1-6/+18
Same as check-samples, but actually updates the crosstool.config. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-11-14Samples: Update samplesBryan Hundven36-87/+24
This commit updates samples to latest config/ changes. This closes #114 Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-11-13Enable building expat/ncurses for host.Alexey Neyman1-1/+0
Then re-enable cross-gdb for nios2-spico-elf sample, previously disabled.
2015-11-13Merge pull request #253 from jcmvbkbc/xtensa-for-mainline-20151113Bryan Hundven2-0/+10
Add support for Xtensa architecture
2015-11-13samples: add xtensa-unknown-linux-uclibc configMax Filippov2-0/+10
Signed-off-by: Max Filippov <>
2015-11-13file modes: Set files to be non-executableBryan Hundven1-0/+0
I was going to start doing some autoconf work, and noticed that was executable. Then I noticed was executable. o.O So, I ran ```find . -type f -executable``` and found a bunch of files that shouldn't be set executable. This commit makes them normal files again. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-11-13Merge pull request #239 from diorcety-ctng/cc-cygwin-mingw-linuxBryan Hundven2-0/+31
Canadian cross build = x86_64 Cygwin host = x86_64 MinGW_W64 target = x86_64 GNU/Linux
2015-11-13Samples: Add x86_64-w64-mingw32,x86_64-pc-linux-gnuRay Donnelly2-0/+31
Tested on build machines of x86_64-pc-cygwin and x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Signed-off-by: Ray Donnelly <>
2015-11-13samples: Update samples to use default uClibc-ng configBryan Hundven22-2818/+2
This commit removes per-sample configuration files for uClibc and falls back to using the default config file in contrib/uClibc-defconfigs. Only one sample is broken: * powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc * breaks on dmalloc I will come back and work on the dmalloc failure later, but I don't want it to hold up getting uClibc-ng out in ct-ng. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-11-11uClibc: Reduce supported versionsBryan Hundven1-8/+0
This commit reduces the number of supported versions to: * * custom location Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-11-10blackfin: Remove blackfin supportBryan Hundven14-259/+0
This commit removes blackfin support. I'm open to re-adding blackfin after crosstool-1.23.0 is released, but it is currently too difficult to port forward to newer versions of gcc and uclibc. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-11-04Merge pull request #233 from stilor/fix-build-allBryan Hundven3-14/+60
Fix build-all
2015-11-03Merge pull request #235 from stilor/ctng-sourceBryan Hundven1-1/+1
ctng source
2015-10-31gcc: Support only the latest branch releases of gccBryan Hundven16-28/+14
This change, as per #222, reduces the number of supported releases of gcc to the latest branch releases. I noticed while doing this work that gcc-4.5.4 was never added, so I moved patches for gcc-4.5.3 to 4.5.4 and updated the bfin-unknown-linux-uclibc example. Also, 120-siginfo.patch was fixed upstream in the 4.5.4 release, so this patch is omitted. I also bumped the avr sample to 4.9.3 from 4.9.2. With the addition of gcc-5.x, the gcc release team now releases the major.minor.0 versions, while updates to the branch are available in svn/git. We'll address that when we get to issue #219. This change just removes CC_GCC_5_1 and moves CC_GCC_5_2 to CC_GCC_5, and removes CC_GCC_5_1_or_later and moves CC_GCC_5_2_or_later to CC_GCC_5_or_later. This is the first of two part changes, as mentioned in #222. This change is slated for release in 1.22.0. The next change will be slated for 1.23.0, and will limit gcc versions to what is on under "Release Series and Status", which is currently 4.9.3 and 5.2.0, although I will also support the previous supported version. In this example that would be 4.8.5. Last, but not least, this change also retires AVR32 support. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-10-30Fix samples using GMP 4.3.2.Alexey Neyman1-4/+4
Some older versions of configure (including the one in GMP 4.3.2) interpret the $ECHO environment variable as the `echo' utility to use. CT-NG sets the variable to `:' and exports it if V=0 or V=1 is supplied, breaking the samples using such configure. This currently includes bfin-unknown-linux-uclibc and powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc. Also, correct the description of the V= variable - V=0 is *not* the default; in fact, default does not correspond to any of the V=[012] values. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Do not stop build-all after a failed sample.Alexey Neyman1-3/+31
Instead, continue until the end and provide a summary (PASS/XFAIL/FAIL) at the end. If there are any FAILs, exit with code 1. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Order the samples in build-all.Alexey Neyman1-3/+13
First, build cross samples (indicated by lack of comma in their names); then, build canadian cross samples (and, when they are supported, cross-native). While building canadian cross, set up the path to the build-to-host cross if it was built previously. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Avoid commas in autogenerated CT_PREFIX_DIR.Alexey Neyman1-5/+12
Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Make build-all non-interactive.Alexey Neyman1-3/+4
'make oldconfig' results in asking the user about options not explicitly set in the defconfig. Instead of copying, run 'conf --defconfig', as in the normal sample's build sequence. Also, invoke 'conf --oldconfig' directly, with a -s option, to avoid spamming with useless "configuration written to .config" messages. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Rename nios2 sample to match the naming convention.Alexey Neyman2-0/+0
With current name, 'make saveconfig' is broken for this sample. Also, it is confusing to have a sample named 'nios2-elf-mingw32' while show-tuple refers to it as 'nios2-spico-elf' and saveconfig attempts to save it into 'i686-w64-mingw32,nios2-spico-elf'. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-30Change sed monstrosity into a make variable.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
The convoluted sed expression was doing what is already available in make as `$*'. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-28Merge pull request #225 from stilor/nios2-fixBryan Hundven1-523/+2
Unbreak nios2-elf-mingw32 sample
2015-10-28Turn off CT_MULTILIB in nios2-elf-mingw32.Alexey Neyman1-1/+0
There are no multilibs in GCC configured for this arch. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-28Disable cross-gdb in nios2-elf-mingw32.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
Building cross-gdb in canadian cross requires expat/ncurses for the host. Currently, only builds expat/ncurses for the target (for native-gdb). For cross-gdb on regular cross (build==host), expat and ncurses are expected to be provided by the host. There are two approaches possible: - If building for canadian cross, build expat/ncurses for cross-gdb just as the native-gdb does. - Promote expat/ncurses to first class citizens and build them as companion libs during the build of the build-to-host toolchain. I am leaning towards the latter approach - it would also allow to specify the versions for expat/ncurses rather than have them hardcoded in - but would appreciate feedback. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-28Disable with-system-lib.Alexey Neyman1-1/+0
Target does not have libz/zlib.h. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-28Stash nios2 config adjusted for consistence with the rest.Alexey Neyman1-521/+2
Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-27Mark broken: i586-mingw32msvc,i686-none-linux-gnu.Alexey Neyman1-0/+0
Error message: [EXTRA] Preparing working directories [ERROR] Missing: 'i586-mingw32msvc-ar' or 'i586-mingw32msvc-ar' or 'ar': either needed! Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
2015-10-24Revert "Remove ltrace from samples"Alexey Neyman7-0/+7
This reverts commit a3bb2aeb4445bef4250acaaff99fc8dbb0599f8b.
2015-10-22samples: add arm-unknown-linux-musleabiBryan Hundven2-0/+21
Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-10-20Merge pull request #198 from stilor/avr2-fixBryan Hundven1-1/+4
Fix avr sample
2015-10-20Merge pull request #201 from stilor/powerpc-e500v2Bryan Hundven1-7/+4
Fix option names in powerpc-e500v2 sample.
2015-10-20Merge pull request #200 from stilor/arm-unwind-uclibcBryan Hundven1-1/+1
Fix link error in arm/uclibc with GCC 5.x
2015-10-20Merge pull request #197 from stilor/avr-fixBryan Hundven1-1/+1
Trivial avr32 fix: name of config option has changed
2015-10-16Fix sh4-unknown-linux-gnu sample.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
The issue with this sample is that the sh4-* targets in GCC do not implement __builtin_trap() function. Starting with release 5.1, GCC inserts abort() calls where NULL pointers are dereferenced. The elf/dl-conflict.c in glibc is one such place: it calls elf_machine_rela with NULL `sym' pointer. This causes an undefined `abort' symbol to appear in the object file and as a result, pulls in some files during the linking of the dynamic loader that are not supposed to. Eventually, it results in link error due to multiple definitions of _itoa and some other symbols. The right fix would be to implement __builtin_trap() for sh4 in GCC. A workaround would be adding -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to CFLAGS-dl-conflict.c in elf/Makefile. Until either of these happens, though, pin the GCC version to 4.9.3 - the last that did not generate `abort' calls. Note that the version where GCC started to generate `abort' calls is apparently different for different architectures; the issue in [1] was reported against GCC 4.9. References: [1] (similar issue on HP-PA which was resolved by implementing __builtin_trap)
2015-10-16Use dedicated option for 128-bit long double.Alexey Neyman1-2/+3
2015-10-16Fix powerpc-e500v2-linux-gnuspe.Alexey Neyman1-7/+3
Options were renamed. However, matching current option names result in a compile error for strfmon_l.o in glibc: GCC 4.6 detects an unitialized variable in its own va_arg() implementation. Likely, an older GLIBC was used when this sample was submitted - which did not provide -Werror in CFLAGS. Thus, use most recent GCC (5.2.0) and revert GLIBC_FORCE_UNWIND to its default value, 'y' (as forced unwind is required with this version).
2015-10-16Fix avr sample.Alexey Neyman1-1/+4
- Incompatible ISL/CLooG were requested by config after newer releases of both were brought in. - Consistency with other samples: save tarballs (which will avoid downloading them each time from Travis), extra logging.
2015-10-16Rename the GCC version option to match current config.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
2015-10-16Fix arm/uclibc; see the description in the patch.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
This should ideally be upstreamed to uclibc maintainers, but with the last release more than 3 years ago, I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix being released any time soon.
2015-10-01Fix bfin-unknown-linux-uclibc sample.Alexey Neyman1-1/+2
Pin GCC to 4.5.3 and binutils to 2.22, the last versions working. There are multiple bugs affecting bfin configuration; while [3] is fixed on trunk in GCC (but not backported to gcc-5-release branch yet), [1] and [2] do not have fixes yet. References: [1] (binutils bug) [2] (gcc bug #1) [3] (gcc bug #2)
2015-09-29Remove ltrace from samplesBryan Hundven7-7/+0
As of right now, ltrace fails to build. To get CI happy, lets just disable it! When we fix ltrace, just revert this change. This is also in reference to bug #115 Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
2015-09-05raspberry pi 2 sampleFrederick Zhang2-0/+32
2015-08-24mingw-w64: Rename targets to {i686,x86_64}-w64-mingw32Ray Donnelly4-1/+2
.. and set CT_TARGET_VENDOR to w64. Otherwise config.gcc doesn't pickup the right files for include_next (and probably many other things go wrong too). w64 has been the correct vendor for absolutely ages now on all distributions that provide MinGW-w64 cross compilers. Signed-off-by: Ray Donnelly <>
2015-06-28avr: enable C++ support in the avr sampleErico Nunes1-0/+1
C++ support is enabled in most samples existing in crosstool-ng and is also supported by AVR. As pointed out in pull request #124 in the crosstool-ng github, Arduino based projects willing to use this toolchain will require C++ support. Signed-off-by: Erico Nunes <>
2015-06-21avr: add avr toolchain config sampleErico Nunes2-0/+7
The avr-libc manual and most distributions build the AVR 8-bit gcc toolchain with the "avr" (non-canonical) target. Some experimentation also led to the conclusion that other (canonical) targets are not very well supported, so we force the "avr" target for crosstool-ng as well. Some patches are required in avr-libc for a toolchain with gcc 5.x to work. These patches are still not part of any avr-libc release version, so the config sample currently forces 4.9.x to avoid requiring to clone avr-libc trunk. References: Signed-off-by: Erico Nunes <>
2015-01-28eglibc: Remove eglibc supportBryan Hundven2-2/+1
As posted on ==================== EGLIBC is no longer developed and such goals are now being addressed directly in GLIBC. ==================== I'm not interested in maintaining build support for unsupported software. Older branches of crosstool-ng continue to have eglibc support. If you find issues with older branches, I'm always open to pull requests. Removing eglibc also frees up glibc cleanup and build optimization. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>