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2011-02-21libc/glibc: add fortify optionYann E. MORIN"1-1/+8
2011-02-21internals: don't remove lib64 symlinks in sysrootYann E. MORIN"1-2/+0
2010-12-18comptools: install them side-to-side with build toolsYann E. MORIN"5-6/+6
2010-12-19buildtools: the buildtools dir is in fact a prefixYann E. MORIN"2-10/+10
2010-12-23buildtools: move to working directoryYann E. MORIN"2-8/+10
2011-02-20buildtools: store path to buildtools in a variableYann E. MORIN"1-7/+8
2011-01-22scripts: create the makeinfo wrapper before we set PATHYann E. MORIN"1-7/+7
2011-02-17debug/gdb: add versions from LinaroYann E. MORIN"1-1/+14
2011-02-17cc/gcc: add versions from LinaroYann E. MORIN"1-1/+15
2011-02-17internals: fix stripping host binariesYann E. MORIN"1-4/+6
2011-01-31libc/glibc: add option to force unwindYann E. MORIN"1-2/+18
2011-01-30scripts: update toolsYann E. MORIN"2-10/+13
2011-01-28cc/gcc: enable plugins if neededYann E. MORIN"1-7/+4
2011-01-26scripts: squash the multi-slash in the sysroot symlinkYann E. MORIN"1-3/+4
2011-01-28comptools: add make-3.81Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+26
2011-01-28config: add an option not to remove the destination directoryYann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2011-01-25libc/mingw: do not remove support symlinkYann E. MORIN"1-3/+4
2011-01-25scripts: fix double slash in pathsYann E. MORIN"2-0/+20
2011-01-25config: add an option to name the sysroot directoryYann E. MORIN"3-7/+14
2011-01-22libc: remove now unneeded do_libc_headersYann E. MORIN"7-24/+0
2011-01-19libc/glibc-eglibc: misc janitorial cleanups.Yann E. MORIN"2-8/+12
2011-01-22libc/glibc: add glibc specifics to the shared code, and use itYann E. MORIN"2-203/+36
2011-01-22scripts: PARALLELMFLAGS is evil, renameYann E. MORIN"14-41/+38
2011-01-22libc/glibc: commonalise assembling the list of addonsYann E. MORIN"2-16/+5
2011-01-22libc/glibc: commonalise setting of the minimum supported kernel versionYann E. MORIN"2-30/+35
2011-01-22libc/glibc: use the common start_files procedureYann E. MORIN"2-238/+27
2011-01-17libc/eglibc: cleanup common code for sharing with glibcYann E. MORIN"1-31/+48
2011-01-17libc/eglibc: move generic code to a common fileYann E. MORIN"2-215/+223
2011-01-22libc/mingw: move content of do_libc_headers into do_libc_start_filesYann E. MORIN"1-4/+4
2011-01-22libc/uClibc: move content of do_libc_headers into do_libc_start_filesYann E. MORIN"1-6/+5
2011-01-03libc-glibc: remove 2.3.6Yann E. MORIN"1-80/+3
2011-01-03arch: remove ia64Yann E. MORIN"1-6/+0
2011-01-14kernel/linux: simplify the download URLYann E. MORIN"1-2/+3
2011-01-14kernel/linux: longterm kernel location changedYann E. MORIN"1-1/+11
2011-01-13complibs/cloog: regenerate autostuff filesYann E. MORIN"1-0/+3
2011-01-08debug/ltrace: fix building for mipsYann E. MORIN"1-0/+1
2010-12-29cc/gcc: build lto-plugin if binutils' gold is builtYann E. MORIN"1-0/+10
2010-12-29binutils/binutils: add wrapper to gold and ldYann E. MORIN"2-1/+28
2011-01-02binutils/binutils: add support for threaded goldYann E. MORIN"1-0/+3
2011-01-02binutils/binutils: add support for pluginsYann E. MORIN"1-0/+3
2010-12-27binutils/binutils: add option to enable goldYann E. MORIN"1-0/+20
2010-12-29complibs/libelf: build with -fPICYann E. MORIN"1-0/+2
2011-01-03libc/uClibc: normalize uclibc hidden version namesBryan Hundven1-4/+4
2010-12-29internals: properly remove all docsYann E. MORIN"1-3/+3
2010-12-22libc/eglibc: fix installed scriptsBryan Hundven1-0/+14
2010-12-22kernel/linux: Cleanup unneeded files from 'headers_check' and 'headers_install'Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+9
2010-12-19scripts: add doc for patch-reworkYann E. MORIN"1-8/+51
2010-12-18scripts: update config.{sub,guess}Yann E. MORIN"2-4/+18
2010-12-03complibs/libelf: use host compilerKalle Kankare1-0/+1
2010-12-12internals: fix strippingYann E. MORIN"1-1/+1