tag namecrosstool-ng-1.24.0-rc3 (a852190e5bbd5f7661d9c5974f2c6b003140414b)
tag date2019-03-17 18:50:29 (GMT)
tagged byAlexey Neyman <>
tagged objectcommit 89ba62fb1d...
Tag RC3 for 1.24.0 release.
Tested by bulding a set of samples (avr, moxiebox, xtensa-fsf-linux-uclibc, arm-unknown-linux-musleabi, x86_64-multilib-linux-gnu) in all docker containers. Except for Alpine, all pass. Alpine is considered experimental, it uses a different libc flavor (musl) so some build utilities (such as rpcgen in glibc) fail to compile for the build machine. Fixing that is not a release blocker.