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1.13: update version to 1.13.4
     1 In memoriam: Cédric DUVAL.
     3 This release is dedicated to my good friend, Cédric, who passed
     4 away in late September 2011, after a long and stressful struggle
     5 against the disease.
     7 Cédric was always prompt to discuss any subject. He was open-minded,
     8 and every thing on Earth was of interest to him; Free Software, and
     9 Freedom in general, was one of those interests we used to discuss
    10 about most. He and I had many a good talk about so many things, and
    11 I learned so much from him.
    13 Cédric leaves behind him loving and dismayed girl friend and father
    14 and mother, and countless saddened friends; we will all dearly miss
    15 him.
    17 Do not forget your towel, Cédric.
    18 So long, and thanks for all the fish!