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Fix a typo in CREDITS.
     1 I would like to thank these fine people for making crosstool-NG possible:
     3   Dan KEGEL, the original author of crosstool:
     4     Dan was very helpfull and willing to help when I build my first toolchains.
     5     I owe him one. Thank you Dan!
     6     Some crosstool-NG scripts have code snippets coming almost as-is from the
     7     original work by Dan.
     9 And in order of appearance on the crossgcc ML:
    11   Allan CLARK for his investigations on building toolchains on MacOS-X.
    12     Allan made extensive tests of the first alpha of crosstool-NG-ng on his
    13     MacOS-X, and unveiled some bash-2.05 weirdness.
    15   Enrico WEIGELT for some improvements to the build procedure:
    16     - cxa_atexit disabling for C libraries not supporting it (uClibc)
    17     - misc suggestions (restartable build, ...)
    19   Robert P. J. DAY:
    20     - some small improvements to the configurator, misc prompting glitches
    21     - 'sanitised' patches for binutils-2.17
    22     - patches for glibc-2.5
    24 More to come as they help.