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     1 Unless otherwise stated in individual files, this work is licensed to you under
     2 the following terms.
     4 - Files in docs/ are available under the Creative Commons Attribution, Share
     5   Alike (by-sa), v2.5, to be found there:
     6     licenses.d/by-sa/deed.en     (human-readable summary)
     7     licenses.d/by-sa/legalcode   (legal code, the full license)
     9 - Files found in patches/*/ are available under the same license as the
    10   upstream software they apply to.
    12   That means that you can't use those patches if you were licensed the
    13   software under a specific license which is not the one the software is
    14   commonly available under.
    16   As an example, if you ever managed to get the Linux kernel under a license
    17   other than the GPLv2, you are not allowed to use the Linux kernel patches
    18   coming with crosstool-NG, as those are available under the GPLv2, which is
    19   the license the Linux kernel is most commonly available under.
    21   As a convenience, the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2.1 (for the
    22   glibc, uClibc, and some other libraries) is available there:
    23     licenses.d/lgpl.txt
    25 - Other files not covered by the above licenses, and not covered by an
    26   individual license specified in the file itself, or an accompanying file,
    27   are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), v2, to be found
    28   here:
    29     licenses.d/gpl.txt