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Thu May 17 16:22:51 2007 +0000 (2007-05-17)
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Debug facilities:
- add a framework to easily add new ones
- add gdb as a first debug facility
- add patches for gdb
After the kernel checked its installed headers, clean up the mess of .checked.* files.
Reorder scripts/
- dump the configuration early
- renice early
- get info about build system early, when setting up the environment
- when in cross or native, the host tools are those of the build system, and only in this case
- elapsed time calculations moved to scripts/functions
Remove handling of the color: it's gone once and for all.
Update tools/
- handle debug facilities
- commonalise some code
- remove dead tools (cygwin, tcc)
Point to my address for bug reports.
     1 This is the README for crosstool-NG
     3 To get you started, just enter:
     4   make help
     6 You can find a (terse and WIP) documentation in docs/.
     8 You can also point your browser to
    11 If you need to send a bug report or a patch, please mail:
    12    yann.morin.1998 (at)
    13 with subject prefixed with "[CT_NG]"