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Correctly auto-complete with start-steps as well.

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     1 This files lists the known issues encountered while developping crosstool-NG,
     2 but that could not be addressed before the release.
     4 The file has one section for each known issue, each section containing four
     5 sub-sections: Symptoms, Explanations, Fix, and Workaround.
     7 Each section is separated from the others with a lines of at least 4 dashes.
     9 The following dummy section explains it all.
    11     --------------------------------
    12     Symptoms:
    13       A one-liner of what you would observe.
    15     Explanations:
    16       An as much as possible in-depth explanations of the context, why it
    17       happens, what has been investigated so far, and possible orientations
    18       as how to try to solve this (eg. URLs, code snippets...).
    20     Fix:
    21       What you have to do to fix it, if at all possible.
    22       The fact that there is a fix, and yet this is a known issue means that
    23       time to incorporate the fix in crosstool-NG was missing, or planned for
    24       a future release.
    26     Workaround:
    27       What you can do to fix it *temporarily*, if at all possible.
    28       A workaround is not a real fix, as it can break other parts of
    29       crosstool-NG, but at least makes you going in your particular case.
    31 So now, on for the real issues...
    33 --------------------------------
    34 Symptoms:
    35   Seemingly native toolchains do not build.
    37 Explanations:
    38   Seemingly native toolchains are toolchains that target the same architecture
    39   as the one it is built on, and on which it will run, but the machine tuple
    40   may be different (eg i686 vs. i386, or x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu vs.
    41   x86_64-pc-linux-gnu).
    43   This seems to happen when building glibc-2.7 based toolchains only, for
    44   x86 and for x86_64.
    46   Only the system part of the tuple (here, linux-gnu) needs to be the same to
    47   trigger the bug. Which means that building a tolchain for either x86 or
    48   x86_64 on either x86 or x86_64 breaks.
    50 Fix:
    51   None known.
    53 Workaround:
    54   If this happens for you, stick with glibc-2.6.1 for now.
    55   Or investigate! :-)
    57 --------------------------------
    58 Symptoms:
    59   gcc is not found, although I *do* have gcc installed.
    61 Explanations:
    62   This is an issue on at least RHEL systems, where gcc is a symlink to ccache.
    63   Because crosstool-NG create links to gcc for the build and host environment,
    64   those symlinks are in fact pointing to ccache, which then doesn't know how
    65   to run the compiler.
    67   A possible fix could probably set the environment variable CCACHE_CC to the
    68   actual compiler used.
    70 Fix:
    71   None known.
    73 Workaround:
    74   Uninstall ccache.
    76 --------------------------------