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Rephrase the licensing of patches/
     1 Unless otherwise stated in individaul files, this work is licensed to you under
     2 the following terms.
     4 - Files in docs/ are available under the Creative Commons Attribution, Share
     5   Alike (by-sa), v2.5, to be found there:
     6     licenses.d/by-sa/deed.en     (human-readable summary)
     7     licenses.d/by-sa/legalcode   (legal code, the full license)
     9 - Files found in patches/*/ are available under the same license as the
    10   software they apply to.
    11   As a rule of thumb:
    12     patches/uClibc/*/*.patch  : available under the LGPL v2.1
    13     patches/glibc/*/*.patch   : ditto
    14     patches/dmalloc/*/*.patch : ditto
    15     patches/libfloat/*/*.patch: Seems to be some BSD-like license; see the
    16                                 full source.
    17     patches/*/*/*.patch not covered by any license above:
    18                                 GPL v2 (some are GPL v2 or later, see the
    19                                 full source).
    21 - Other files not covered by the above licenses, and not covered by an
    22   individual license specified in the file itself, or an accompanying file,
    23   are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), v2, to be found
    24   here:
    25     licenses.d/gpl.txt