2012-01-01 cc/gcc: install the core compilers in the build-tools dir
2012-01-16 scripts: fix tools override
2011-12-12 scripts: unset CONFIG_SITE
2011-12-07 scripts: create CT_HEADERS_DIR
2011-11-30 scripts: use CT_CONFIG_SHELL instead of CT_SHELL
2011-10-21 scripts: fix missing space when using CT_EXTRA_FLAGS_FOR_HOST
2011-10-14 scripts: check host features with host compiler
2011-10-16 config: use '0' for automatic number of jobs
2011-10-09 scripts: execute each steps in a subshell
2011-10-11 config: simplify setting CONFIG_SHELL, add a bit to the help entry
2011-10-05 scripts: support extra host compiler flags
2011-09-29 config: add a 'auto' value for the number of parallel jobs
2011-09-07 scripts: fix sysroot prefix dir
2011-09-07 scripts: fix sysroot prefix dir
2011-08-02 scripts: try the mirror even if downloads are forbidden
2011-07-17 misc: fix more typos here and there...
2011-07-12 scripts, cc/gcc: do not fail on existing symlinks or build.log
2011-07-10 scripts: on startup, also remove the buildtools dir
2011-07-12 scripts, cc/gcc: do not fail on existing symlinks or build.log
2011-07-10 scripts: on startup, also remove the buildtools dir
2011-06-03 kconfig: prepend CT-NG's version tag to PKGVERSION
2011-05-19 scripts: munge .config to handle array variables
2011-05-18 config: rename variables that are arrays
2011-04-06 complibs: disable building shared libs
2011-03-20 scripts: leave changelog in build dir, copy to install dir
2010-12-20 buildtools: the buildtools dir is in fact a prefix
2010-12-23 buildtools: move to working directory
2011-02-20 buildtools: store path to buildtools in a variable
2011-01-22 scripts: create the makeinfo wrapper before we set PATH
2011-01-26 scripts: squash the multi-slash in the sysroot symlink
2011-01-28 config: add an option not to remove the destination directory
2011-01-25 scripts: fix double slash in paths
2011-01-25 config: add an option to name the sysroot directory
2011-01-22 scripts: PARALLELMFLAGS is evil, rename
2010-11-01 scripts: also overide LANG
2010-10-31 scripts: do not provide to-sysroot include symlink
2010-10-07 scripts: always create lib32 and lib64 symlinks
2010-09-10 scripts: hack-in lib32->lib symlinks
2010-05-27 scripts: add option to strip all toolchain executables
2010-07-29 scripts: remove . from $PATH
2010-07-29 scripts: remove . from $PATH
2010-05-22 test-suite: apply cleanup pass
2010-05-19 test-suite: Added new test suite feature (experimental)
2010-05-19 scripts/ On MacOS/BSD use the output of CT_DoConfigGuess for CT_BUILD.
2010-05-19 suppress failure message from uname -o
2010-04-29 scripts: don't set LD_PRELOAD with static companion libraries
2010-04-20 scripts: also prepare include symlink to sysroot/include
2010-04-19 scripts: check g++ only for host
2010-04-15 scripts: don't print the build system guess warning
2010-04-11 complibs: save directory with static complibs for stop/restart
2010-04-11 complibs: don't install in toolchain dir when built as static
2010-03-17 tools: move sstrip to the binary utilities menu
2010-02-03 scripts: use more portable sed options
2010-02-17 comp-libs: make libelf a companion library
2010-02-18 scripts: fix dumping 'other environment'
2010-02-03 scripts: also dump the rest of the environment
2010-02-03 scripts: use kernel name (uname -s) when system name (uname -o) is not availabe
2010-01-29 Merge.
2010-01-29 binutils/elf2flt: activate elf2flt build
2010-01-29 global: do not offer the renice option, let's the user handle that