2011-05-18 config: rename variables that are arrays
2011-04-27 cc/gcc: suffle options around
2011-03-19 cc/gcc: prepare for upcoming 4.6
2011-03-28 cc/gcc: cleanup the _or_later logic
2011-01-28 cc/gcc: enable plugins if needed
2010-12-09 cc/gcc: build final gcc statically
2010-10-09 cc/gcc: add an option to enable/disable build of libssp
2010-10-08 cc/gcc: add an option to enable/disable build of libgomp
2010-10-08 cc/gcc: shuffle config knobs
2010-10-09 cc/gcc: add option to enable 128-bit long doubles
2010-09-12 cc/gcc: do not force use of non-vital companion libraries
2010-07-30 cc/gcc: do not show sjlj choice for bare-metal
2010-07-29 cc/gcc: add option to compile against static libstdc++, for gcc-4.4 and newer
2010-07-28 cc/gcc: add option to enable/disable libmudflap
2010-07-28 cc/gcc: make sjlj config option a tristate
2010-07-28 cc/gcc: move options around