2009-09-13 config: fix indentation for options marked EXPERIMENTAL or OBSOLETE
2009-09-13 scripts: add new version at top of choice
2009-09-13 config: re-order menu entries so that latest versions are at the top
2009-08-02 [debug-ltrace] Add latest version.
2009-02-02 Add latest (EXPERIMENTAL) ltrace version 0.5.1 (from the debian package repository).
2008-11-04 Update ltrace to ltrace-0.5 + fixes from Debian ltrace-0.5-3.1.
2008-10-25 ltrace is no longer EXPERIMENTAL.
2008-10-25 libelf and ltrace are now no longer EXPERIMENTAL.
2008-10-10 Simplify the Tools and Debug facilities menu entries:
2008-10-09 Remove CT_BROKEN.
2007-08-14 Do a clean-up pass on the OBSOLETE features (versions):
2007-07-13 Add ltrace (and libelf) utilities.