2007-07-23 MAKEFLAGS was leaking into some components build system (dmalloc, for example). This fixes it.
2007-07-17 When isntalling aliases, send symlinks creation to CT_DEBUG log level.
2007-07-17 Remove the symlinks to the build/host tools earlier.
2007-07-14 Print a message when installing populate.
2007-07-13 Add a test for lynx (needed to download sstrip.c from buildroot).
2007-07-08 Add a utility to populate a root directory with libraries from the toolchain.
2007-07-07 Silence "which" being verbose in some distros. (eg. Mandriva's which spawns "foobar was not found in /bin:/usr/bin:...." directly on stderr)
2007-07-02 Get rid of eclipse fiels once and for all.
2007-07-01 Merge the build system to trunk: ct-ng is now installable:
2007-06-17 The log file is no longer configurable: it is always "${CT_PREFIX_DIR}/build.log".
2007-06-16 scripts/functions is responsible for initiating the log file.
2007-06-02 Be a little more explicit when the user wants to restart a non-restartable build.
2007-06-02 Revert revision 201: renaming the two cc_core passes was a bad idea.
2007-06-01 Rename two steps to their real names:
2007-06-01 Introduce the notion of tols facilities (none so far, sstrip coming right away...).
2007-05-28 Fix and enhance the STOP/RESTART facility.
2007-05-27 Forgot to remove all build system tools from the generated toolchain.
2007-05-27 Merge the NPTL stuff.
2007-05-25 Add the possibility to stop after a specified step.
2007-05-24 In the non-canadian case, also force the build system.
2007-05-22 Be verbose when making build system tools available, and when access is removed. Log this to DEBUG.
2007-05-22 Implement a restart facility.
2007-05-20 Ah! I finally have a progress bar that doesn't stall the build!
2007-05-19 Correctly handle the libfloat case: download, extract and patch sub-actions.
2007-05-18 Remove even more documentation.
2007-05-17 Debug facilities:
2007-05-13 Oupsss... Didn't save scripts/ prior to comiting. :-(
2007-05-13 Remove dead entries for components not yet integrated: cygwin kernel, tcc...
2007-05-13 Correctly handle the version string, defined in a single place now.
2007-05-10 Update the way we handle directories supplied by the user:
2007-05-09 libfloat is a component by itself, not a sup-part of the C library.
2007-05-09 Again, some progress bar optimisation.
2007-05-08 Hop, a somewhat more efficient progress bar, less CPU consuming, if that was a problem :-)
2007-05-08 Beautify the progress bar.
2007-05-08 Huge fixes to glibc build, so that we can build at least (and at last):
2007-05-08 Print the elapsed time alongside with the progress bar, such as below:
2007-05-07 Fix glibc and uClibc downloading and extracting.
2007-05-07 Merge the save-sample branch to trunk:
2007-04-23 Merge missing ABI code from the MIPS branch.
2007-03-07 Add an option to remove the generated documentation.
2007-02-24 Add the full crosstool-NG sources to the new repository of its own.