2008-06-27 Native gcc is picky about the CC and LD variables. Set them unconditionally, whether building static or not.
2008-06-25 Don't force building target GMP and MPFR when a native gdb is built. Rather,
2008-06-24 Don't build ncurses ADA bindings if an ADA x-compiler was not built.
2008-06-20 GMP and MPFR are no longer a sub-component of gcc (config-wise).
2008-06-20 Really don't re-build MPFR autotools files at each run.
2008-06-20 Don't force building a gdbserver when only native gdb is selected.
2008-06-19 A bunch of fixes/improvements to the gdb build:
2008-06-18 Help ncurses to install properly.
2008-06-18 Fix building native gdb: download, extract, patch, build and install the ncurses library (that is needed by gdb)
2008-05-20 Get rid of all `command` (which is a bashism), and replace them with $(command), which is POSIX.
2008-05-03 Some people are reposrting that ftp does not work on their network, probably due to proxies, while http does work.
2008-05-02 For tools/ and debug/ build scripts, annd a numeric prefix, so that they always get built in the same order, in case of library dependencies.