2010-06-08 config: add support for a second part of the generated choices
2010-04-01 config: allow libc selection in backend mode
2010-04-01 config: do not force setting kernel and arch
2010-03-29 config: fix style issues when source-ing files
2010-03-29 config: hide arch and kernel selection when used as a backend
2010-03-17 tools: move sstrip to the binary utilities menu
2009-03-26 Merge r1432:1437 from /branches/newlib into /trunk :
2009-03-11 Make the choices in generated config file (in config.gen) look better.
2009-01-31 Add infrastructure to use common config files for generated config files.
2009-01-27 Fix white space damage after switching to using paths found by ./configure.
2009-01-26 Use the paths found by ./configure in the makefile script and its fragments.
2008-10-27 Enhance the make fragments:
2008-10-18 Extract the config files related stuff from the kconfig stuff