2009-04-21 1.4: update all samples.
2009-04-19 Update the samples to the latest set of options. No config change.
2009-04-19 Remove all reference to proxy in all sample configs.
2009-03-31 Update all samples.
2009-01-06 Update all samples to the latest set of config options.
2008-11-25 Update all these samples.
2008-11-18 Update this sample.
2008-10-31 Transform LAN_MIRROR into plain MIRROR:
2008-10-27 Update this MIPS sample.
2008-09-05 Update the teo MIPS sample to use as less EXPERIMENTAL features as possible.
2008-08-07 Update all samples to the latest set of options.
2008-08-06 Update this sample to use latest tools.
2008-07-19 Updatge all samples to neither use a LAN mirror, nor a proxy (new set of options).
2008-07-19 Update some samples to use latest kernel headers and gcc-4.2.4 (latest stable?).
2008-07-19 iMIPS samples also are capable of building a Fortran frontend, now.
2008-07-14 Update all samples to use binutils-
2008-07-13 Two samples updated with latest kernel headers.
2008-07-07 Update samples to latest options set (no config changes).
2008-07-02 Add a new MIPS little endian sample, reported by Alexander BIGGA.