2009-03-30 Document failure to build the uClibc cross-ldd under Cygwin as a known issue.
2009-03-03 Know issues: document the extract and/or patch steps failure under cygwin.
2008-09-28 Had a new known issue: ccache will break the build because we're sym-linking to have our own compiler for host and build systems, but that screws up ccache finding the real compiler.
2008-08-08 Update the knwon issues with the broekn build of seemingly-native toolchains.
2008-08-07 Update the known issues: empty the file prior to adding new ones.
2008-07-15 Update the list of known issues.
2008-05-26 Update the list of known issues.
2008-05-02 Update known issues with dmalloc failure.
2008-04-30 Add a file documenting known issues.