2011-05-31 binutils: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
2011-05-31 kconfig: remove useless 'default n'
2011-05-18 config: document array-capable variables
2011-05-18 config: rename variables that are arrays
2011-04-05 binutils/binutils: add blind option to force use of ld.bfd during build
2011-04-04 binutils/binutils: warn if only gold is selected
2011-04-03 binutils/binutils: always set name of the default linker
2011-04-05 binutils/binutils: hide gold option if no support for current architecture
2011-02-22 cc/gcc: do not build plugins for static toolchains
2010-12-29 binutils/binutils: add wrapper to gold and ld
2011-01-02 binutils/binutils: add support for threaded gold
2011-01-02 binutils/binutils: add support for plugins
2010-12-28 binutils/binutils: add option to enable gold
2010-12-28 binutils/binutils: add BINUTILS_2_21_or_later blind option
2010-12-14 config/binutils: Add binutils 2.21
2010-08-23 binutils/binutils: companion libraries are not used
2010-07-09 binutils/binutils: add binutils-2.20.1
2010-03-05 config: hide entries when in backend mode
2010-02-17 complibs: hide companion libraries for target entry
2010-02-18 complibs: simplify config file
2010-02-17 complibs: split-up selection for individual libs
2010-02-09 binutils/binutils: fix using GMP and MPFR
2009-10-28 config: mark now old versions as being OBSOLETE
2009-10-27 config/binutils: add latest version 2.20
2009-10-27 binutils: remove duplicate config entries for binutils & elf2flt
2009-10-27 config/binutils: remove obsolete experimental versions
2009-10-28 config: rip-out versions marked as OBSOLETE
2009-09-13 config: fix indentation for options marked EXPERIMENTAL or OBSOLETE
2009-09-13 scripts: add new version at top of choice
2009-09-13 config: re-order menu entries so that latest versions are at the top
2009-05-20 Merge the uClinux/noMMU stuff back to /trunk: