2012-02-05 scripts: fix download from sourceforge
2011-11-18 debug/gdb: --disable-sim for CT_GDB_CROSS.
2011-11-23 debug/gdb: add extra config for gdb cross.
2011-11-16 scripts: add support for building manuals
2011-11-15 debug/gdb: fix tic install path, tell ncurses where to find it
2011-10-08 debug/gdb: new option to enable/disable use of python
2011-08-17 debug/gdb: we don't care if the host tic is shared or static
2011-08-17 debug/gdb: we don't care if the host tic is shared or static
2011-08-18 debug/gdb: use ncurses-5.9
2011-07-30 debug/gdb: don;t install sample gdbinit for old versions
2011-07-24 debug/gdb: install gdbinit sample file
2011-06-08 debug/cross-gdb: check host dependencies
2011-06-03 kconfig: prepend CT-NG's version tag to PKGVERSION
2011-05-31 gdb: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
2011-05-25 debug/gdb: fix runtime sysroot
2011-03-20 debug/gdb: log even more
2011-03-03 debug/gdb: chmod ncurses files to u+w
2011-02-17 debug/gdb: add versions from Linaro
2011-01-22 scripts: PARALLELMFLAGS is evil, rename
2010-10-22 scripts: add "FILE" and "CFG" debug levels.
2010-08-23 debug/gdb: use libexpat
2010-08-23 debug/gdb: install dependable libs in a generic target static libs dir
2010-08-23 debug/gdb: companion libs are not used
2010-07-11 debug/gdb: properly remove build tic
2010-07-11 debug/gdb: Fix compilation for Mingw hosts
2010-07-01 debug/gdb: fix incorrect path
2010-04-29 debug/gdb: install tic in the buildtools directory
2010-04-29 debug/gdb: be less verbose during the ncurses build
2010-04-15 debug/gdb: remove insight
2010-04-11 scripts/functions: make CT_Patch dumber
2010-04-11 debug/gdb: remove snapshot version
2010-03-15 debug/gdb: gdb>=7.0 can use MPC, enable for cross-gdb
2010-03-15 debug/gdb: add option to use GMP and MPFR
2010-03-16 debug/gdb: fix building the native tic
2010-03-16 debug/gdb: fix building the native tic
2010-02-17 complibs: hide companion libraries for target entry
2010-02-17 complibs: split-up selection for individual libs
2010-01-21 debug/gdb: fix the space-damage
2010-01-21 debug/gdb: do not expose the ncurses version in the menuconfig
2010-01-13 debug/gdb: install ncurses in a temporary place
2010-01-13 debug/gdb: staticaly link to ncurses for the native gdb
2009-12-30 debug/tools: set the ncurses extension to .tar.gz
2009-10-03 debug/gdb: cleanup (remove) the static ncurses build
2009-08-19 Make gdb's extra_config an array containing ./configure options
2009-04-19 Update the newlib devel branch with stuf from /trunk.
2009-03-30 Cleanup the tic build used for native ncurses build, itself needed for native gdb build.
2009-03-24 Finally make ncurses-5.7 corctly build:
2009-03-23 Final touch to the ncurses build step:
2009-03-23 xlcwu <> wrote:
2009-03-03 Allow user to add a directory component in the sys-root path.
2009-01-05 Split CT_ExtractAndPatch in two: CT_Extract and CT_Patch:
2009-01-03 Get rid of all stuff related to building a /delivery' traball:
2008-10-10 Simplify the Tools and Debug facilities menu entries:
2008-09-02 Add support for building Insight instead of gdb (only for the cross-gdb).
2008-09-01 Be gentle to older findutils that don't have the "{} +" construct, and simply use "{} \;" instead.
2008-08-20 Fix building older gdb's with newer gcc's.
2008-07-14 Use CT_DoExecLog when building tools and debug utilities.
2008-07-13 Ioannis E. VENETIS <> pointed out that GMP and MPFR were not used by gcc.
2008-06-27 Native gcc is picky about the CC and LD variables. Set them unconditionally, whether building static or not.
2008-06-25 Don't force building target GMP and MPFR when a native gdb is built. Rather,