2009-10-09 eglibc: add support for user provided option groups
2009-10-02 libc/eglibc: fix building for seemingly native toolchains
2009-09-12 libc/eglibc: fix download
2009-08-19 Make eglibc's extra_config an array containing ./configure options
2009-07-27 [libc-eglibc] Rewrite part of the code
2009-07-27 [libc-eglibc] Fix testing for existing files
2009-05-07 Workaround for "PowerPC-8xx CPU15 errata" (whatever that might be).
2009-04-19 Get rid of the proxy settings, once and for all.
2009-01-05 Split CT_ExtractAndPatch in two: CT_Extract and CT_Patch:
2009-01-05 Fix C library addons extraction:
2009-01-04 Get rid of CT_LIBC_FILE, remove useless CT_MakeAbsolutePath.
2009-01-03 Get rid of all stuff related to building a /delivery' traball:
2008-11-13 Merge #1195, #1196 and #1203 from /devel/YEM-build_host_target_cleanup:
2008-09-28 In the glibc and eglibc trees, the 'configure' files may be older than their source '', when used from an svn check out, or a snapshot tarball.
2008-09-22 Rework the eglibc download so as to be a little bit saner.
2008-09-14 Introduce a new EXPERIMENTAL feature: BARE_METAL.