2011-08-01 configure: do not require svn
2011-06-30 libc/eglibc: Add option that allows for getting svn over http://
2011-06-21 config/eglibc: Add eglibc-2_14 branch
2011-05-31 eglibc: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
2011-05-31 kconfig: remove useless 'default n'
2011-05-08 config: fix recursive deps
2011-02-12 libc/eglibc: Make eglibc 2.11 and 2.12 not experimental
2011-02-12 libc/eglibc: Add 2.13 branch
2011-01-02 libc/eglibc: normalize eglibc hidden version names
2010-10-18 libc/eglibc: add 2.11 and 2.12 branches.
2010-07-11 kernel: add mingw
2010-02-01 libc/eglibc: Add option to optimize for size
2009-10-28 config: mark now old versions as being OBSOLETE
2009-10-09 eglibc: add support for user provided option groups
2009-09-13 scripts: add new version at top of choice
2009-09-13 config: re-order menu entries so that latest versions are at the top
2009-08-02 [libc-eglibc] Add latest version
2009-03-22 Prepare menuconfig for newlib:
2009-03-22 Allow broader dependency in generated config files:
2009-03-22 Re-order tag-comment in the eglibc config file.
2009-05-20 Merge the uClinux/noMMU stuff back to /trunk:
2009-05-13 Merge the /deve/uclinux branch back to /trunk:
2009-05-07 Unmark eglibc being EXPERIMENTAL. For Debian to switch to eglibc,
2009-03-26 Merge r1432:1437 from /branches/newlib into /trunk :
2009-02-07 Fix warning in eglic config options.
2009-02-02 Add option for the latest eglibc 2_9 branch.
2008-10-13 Generate the choice menu for C libraries, the same way arch and kernels are generated.
2008-09-18 Move snapshots version after numbered versions (aka releases).
2008-09-14 Enhance setting the minimum kernel version glibc will run against.
2008-08-26 Commonalise options common to both glibc and eglibc.
2008-08-11 Merge the branches/eglibc stuff: