2011-07-07 libc/newlib: add latest version
2011-07-04 configure: do not require cvs
2011-05-08 config: fix recursive deps
2010-12-12 libc: hide no-thread for those C libraries that do not support it
2010-01-31 libc/newlib: remove EXPERIMENTAL status
2010-01-10 libc/newlib: add latest version
2009-10-26 libc/newlib: allow using CVS snapshots
2009-10-21 libc/newlib: allow using newlib with archs other than avr32
2009-10-26 libc/newlib: fix namespace in config file
2009-09-13 scripts: add new version at top of choice
2009-06-20 Misc AVR32 cleanups.
2009-05-23 Added support for Atmel AVR32 headers
2009-05-22 Added initial AVR32 support (bare-metal,newlib)
2009-03-22 Add skeleton for newlib: