2012-02-13 libc/glibc: do not consume parameters when parsing them
2011-12-28 libc/glibc: cleanup CFLAGS handling
2011-12-27 libc/glibc: remove multi-dir
2011-12-27 libc/glibc: allow to selectively install headers and/or start-files
2011-11-23 libc/glibc: add multilib-cacpable backend
2011-11-22 libc/glibc: fix code formatting
2011-11-22 libc/glib: pass installation subdir to backend
2011-11-22 libc/glibc: set the endian option according to extra CFLAGS
2011-11-21 libc/glibc: set the float option according to extra CFLAGS
2011-11-21 libc/glibc: add extra CFLAGS when building the C library
2011-12-13 libc/glibc: no default mode for backend
2011-11-21 libc/glibc: document the glibc backend arguments
2011-11-21 libc/glibc: create build dir using libc_mode
2011-11-16 scripts: add support for building manuals
2011-10-19 arch: add softfp support
2011-10-19 scripts: introduce float type as a string
2011-10-11 libc/glibc: run ./configure in CONFIG_SHELL
2011-10-11 libc/glibc: run ./configure in CONFIG_SHELL
2011-10-07 libc/glibc: add log messages for glibc addons dirs and symlinks
2011-07-29 libc: remove unneeded glibc/eglibc common functions
2011-07-29 libc: create an infrastructure to build and install the libc locales
2011-07-28 scripts/libc: do not build add-ons by default
2011-07-09 libc/glibc: fix passing args with spaces when calling backend
2011-06-26 glibc: Refactor startfiles/headers into do_libc_backend()
2011-06-03 kconfig: prepend CT-NG's version tag to PKGVERSION
2011-05-30 glibc: properly handle internal addons
2011-05-31 eglibc: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
2011-05-29 libc/glibc: commonalise extraction btw glibc and eglibc
2011-05-18 config: rename variables that are arrays
2011-05-15 scripts: interpret *_EXTRA_CONFIG config variables arrays
2011-03-20 libc/glibc-common: log even more
2011-02-21 libc/glibc: fix dubious construct when installing headers
2011-02-21 libc/glibc: only install start files for NPTL
2011-02-21 libc/glibc: add fortify option
2011-01-31 libc/glibc: add option to force unwind
2011-01-25 config: add an option to name the sysroot directory
2011-01-22 libc: remove now unneeded do_libc_headers
2011-01-20 libc/glibc-eglibc: misc janitorial cleanups.
2011-01-22 libc/glibc: add glibc specifics to the shared code, and use it
2011-01-22 libc/glibc: commonalise assembling the list of addons
2011-01-22 libc/glibc: commonalise setting of the minimum supported kernel version
2011-01-22 libc/glibc: use the common start_files procedure
2011-01-17 libc/eglibc: cleanup common code for sharing with glibc
2011-01-17 libc/eglibc: move generic code to a common file