2009-05-20 Merge the uClinux/noMMU stuff back to /trunk:
2009-05-05 Add support for building PPL:
2009-05-03 Prepare for gcc-4.4:
2009-03-29 Remove test files.
2009-03-27 Only create the state dir if asked for a restartable build:
2009-03-27 Refuse to build/install on file systems that are *not* case-sensitive.
2009-03-08 Use "grep -E" instead of the deprecated "egrep".
2009-03-04 Move do_finish from scripts/functions to its own file in scipts/build/
2009-03-03 Allow user to add a directory component in the sys-root path.
2009-02-01 Use tools discovered by ./configure in scripts/
2009-01-31 Further handle the lib64 -> lib symlinks.
2009-01-29 If compiling the Java frontend, we'll require a native gcj, but only in this case.
2009-01-26 Finally used the discovered paths from ./configure in scripts/