2010-05-22 docs/overview.txt: Provide short mercurial HOWTO
2010-04-28 docs: update the section about the wrapper
2010-03-05 kconfig: silence a warning about undefined env variable
2010-03-05 config: prepare for build-system backend
2010-02-11 scripts: add action to extract config from a build.log file
2010-01-23 docs: do not document CT_KERNEL_ARCH, it's going away...
2010-01-08 documentation: Remove refs to seemingly native toolchains issue
2009-11-17 Fix typos and adjust some documentation.
2009-11-17 Fix typos and adjust some documentation.
2009-10-12 docs: adding naming conventions for crosstool-NG
2009-10-12 docs: fix chapter spacing
2009-10-10 docs: get rid of any reference to the now long-gone svn repository
2009-10-10 docs: move the "contributing" section to overview.txt
2009-10-10 docs: configure no longer accepts --with-contrib
2009-10-03 doc: update documentation, mostly eye-candy
2009-10-02 libc/glibc: fix building for seemingly native toolchains
2009-09-06 docs: typo in overview.txt
2009-08-30 config: choose whether to use the shell or the C wrapper
2009-08-30 overview: fix table of content, fix the hacker's way
2009-06-14 [populate] enhance documentation
2009-06-14 [populate] fix documentation
2009-04-21 1.4: small documentation fix.
2009-04-20 Add a bit more explanations on the meaning of OBSOLETE and EXPERIMENTAL.
2009-04-17 Fix obvious "DESTDIR" misspelling.
2009-01-03 Get rid of all stuff related to building a /delivery' traball:
2008-12-11 Move from tools/ to scripts/
2008-12-11 Move from tools/ to scripts/
2008-11-16 Get rid of the local-test in Makefile.
2008-11-16 Honor the DESTDIR variable to install out-of-place (Eg. for packaging).
2008-11-13 Merge 1199 and 1200 from /devel/YEM-build_host_target_cleanup:
2008-11-07 Do not autodetect 64-bit archs, have them tell be 'select'-ing ARCH_64 in the configuration.
2008-10-31 Remove regtest actions, introduce build-all actions:
2008-10-23 Push the calculation of the tuple's kernel part down to kernel's build scripts:
2008-10-09 Remove CT_BROKEN.
2008-10-05 Separate the architecture config file and function script.
2008-10-03 Update the internals documentation, adding the kernel API.
2008-10-01 Save the toolchain configuration to its own file, as an auto-extracting shell script:
2008-09-29 Rework the way EXPERIMENTAL kernels are marked as such.
2008-09-05 Update docs/overview.txt with the script shell fragment that defines bash completion.
2008-08-07 Introduce four new ARCH specific variables that CT_DoArchValues can set if they want:
2008-07-20 Update CREDITS.
2008-06-27 Update the architecture API: architecture help is mandatory.
2008-06-27 Autogenerate the architecture selection choice menu.
2008-06-25 Update documentation.
2008-06-01 Rework a little bit the steps and samples help entries.
2008-05-02 Better explain why populate exists.
2008-04-27 Document the contrib/ sub-directory.
2008-02-20 - Rewrite some parts of history: some sentences could have been considered rude, which was not my intention.
2008-02-20 Fix some obvious typoes in docs/overview.txt
2007-09-15 Further improve the architecture-specific framework.
2007-09-14 Another little fix in the documentation.
2007-09-14 A little fix in the documentation.
2007-09-14 Further expand the architecture-specific function: add CT_KERNEL_ARCH building.
2007-09-14 Migrate all supported architectures to use the architecture-specific framework.
2007-09-14 Improve (POSIX-wise) determination of bashh version.
2007-08-15 Change "triplet" (target triplet) to "tuple". That sounds better!
2007-07-30 Fix the step shortcuts (using a dash would confuse make).
2007-07-24 In overview.txt, document the two ways of using crosstool-NG: install and --local.
2007-07-17 Re-order and rework a bit docs/overview.txt. Plus a typo fix.
2007-07-17 Revisit the extract-config way of working: ct-ng is the sole entry point to crosstool-NG, and ct-ng.extrac-config no longer exists. You now have to call "ct-ng extractconfig </path/to/your/build.log" instead.