2014-01-16 configure: s/don't/do not/
2013-09-14 configure: Add --with-gperf option
2012-10-07 configure: remove trailing cruft
2012-07-17 configure: also check for install
2012-07-17 configure: add checks for objcopy and objdump
2012-07-14 configure: check for GNU awk, not any awk
2012-05-08 configure: fix check for gettext
2012-05-05 configure: we do not require curl, but wget.
2012-01-30 configure: do not use '@' in version string
2012-01-29 configre: properly check for libtoolize
2012-01-16 configure: fix kconfig option names
2012-01-17 configure: also detect plain grep
2012-01-15 kconfig: add missing files
2012-01-14 kconfig: install compiled frontends
2011-11-07 configure: use autoconf to generate configure