2012-09-20 scripts: Use ${CT_TARGET}-strip to strip gdbserver
2012-09-12 scripts: strip gdbserver
2011-07-12 scripts, cc/gcc: do not fail on existing symlinks or build.log
2011-04-15 scripts/internals: do not remove lib{32,64}/ symlinks after build
2011-05-02 internals: fix stripping yet once again
2011-04-30 internals: fix stripping canadians
2011-04-24 internals/finish: do not remove ${PREFIX}/include
2011-04-06 complibs: disable building shared libs
2011-03-22 scripts/internals: fix stripping once more
2011-03-19 scripts: fix stripping in finalisation step
2011-02-21 internals: don't remove lib64 symlinks in sysroot
2011-02-17 internals: fix stripping host binaries
2010-12-29 internals: properly remove all docs
2010-12-29 internals: properly remove all docs
2010-12-12 internals: fix stripping
2010-12-05 scripts/internals: strip all executables
2010-11-23 scripts/xldd: report appropriate load address for 32- or 64-bit
2010-11-23 scripts/xldd: fix space-damage
2010-11-23 scripts/xldd: fix version string
2010-10-31 scripts: do not provide to-sysroot include symlink
2010-09-11 scripts/internal: cleanup build symlinks
2010-08-21 internals: call strip in a portable way
2010-05-27 scripts: add option to strip all toolchain executables
2010-07-22 scripts: add a cross-ldd-like
2010-07-07 scripts/finish: do not try to symlink if sed expr is a no-op
2010-07-07 scripts/finish: do not try to symlink if sed expr is a no-op
2010-05-22 scripts/build/ compile wrapper with portable options.
2010-05-22 scripts/build/ Always use binary wrapper under BSD/MacOS
2010-05-19 build/ Replace nonportable call to stat
2010-02-28 complibs: remove headers after build
2009-09-06 tools wrapper: fix building
2009-08-30 tools wrapper: correctly install the C wrapper
2009-08-30 tools wrapper: introduce the silent WRAPPER_NEEDED config option
2009-08-30 config: choose whether to use the shell or the C wrapper
2009-06-26 Don't use prefix/bin to install the buildtools.
2009-06-18 [finish-step] Fix the tools wrappers
2009-06-14 [finish-step] Use local variable in finish-step
2009-06-02 /devel/gcc-4.4:
2009-06-02 /devel/gcc-4.4:
2009-05-03 Update the newlib devel branch with stuff from /trunk@1498.
2009-04-20 There's no longer any reason to require GNU awk:
2009-03-30 Cleanup the tic build used for native ncurses build, itself needed for native gdb build.
2009-03-23 xlcwu <> wrote:
2009-03-04 Move do_finish from scripts/functions to its own file in scipts/build/