2012-10-17 kernel/linux: fix missing 'then'
2012-10-16 kernel/linux: fix using custom location
2012-10-11 kernel/linux: use generic custom infrastructure
2012-09-26 kernel/linux: change m68k/no-mmu linux arch tuple to use -uclinux
2012-09-23 kernel/linux: symlink custom kernel source dir with '-f'
2011-12-12 kernel/linux: fix missing quote
2011-12-12 kernel/linux: add alternate download locations
2011-09-26 kernel/linux: prepare for 3.1 and above
2011-09-21 kernel/linux: add alternate download locations
2011-09-22 kernel/linux: use a custom kernel source directory
2011-09-21 kernel/linux: add alternate download locations
2011-08-16 kernel/linux: fix using custom tarball
2011-08-14 kernel/linux: remove check for lzma tarballs
2011-08-14 kernel/linux: simplify custom tarball handling
2011-07-22 kernel/linux: prepare to handle 3.x
2011-01-14 kernel/linux: simplify the download URL
2011-01-14 kernel/linux: longterm kernel location changed
2010-12-22 kernel/linux: Cleanup unneeded files from 'headers_check' and 'headers_install'
2010-06-17 kernel/linux: allow headers from full custom source tree
2010-06-15 kernel/linux: reorder upstream/custom-tree handling
2010-04-07 Add basic support for the Blackfin architecture
2010-04-11 scripts/functions: make CT_Patch dumber
2010-01-29 kernel/linux: remove legacy check
2010-01-23 kernel/linux: use CT_ARCH, in place of CT_KERNEL_ARCH
2009-05-20 Merge the uClinux/noMMU stuff back to /trunk:
2009-05-13 Merge the /deve/uclinux branch back to /trunk:
2009-04-20 There's no longer any reason to require GNU awk:
2009-04-06 Use "${awk}", not gawk.
2009-03-03 Rename the custom header option.
2009-03-03 When using custom Linux kernel headers, allow using a tarball.
2009-01-05 Split CT_ExtractAndPatch in two: CT_Extract and CT_Patch:
2009-01-04 A small layout enhancement in the Linux kernel build script.
2009-01-04 Get rid off CT_KERNEL_FILE.
2009-01-03 Get rid of all stuff related to building a /delivery' traball:
2008-11-14 Add a fast Linux kernel mirror.
2008-10-29 Use 'gawk', not plain 'awk'.
2008-10-23 Push the calculation of the tuple's kernel part down to kernel's build scripts:
2008-09-15 Move all the Linux kernel config options to a single file (to ease supporting more than one kernel).
2008-09-10 Remove the now really obsolete Linux kernel headers copy and sanitised.