2014-05-11 binutils/elf2flt: restore the custom location functionality
2014-05-11 binutils/binutils: do not forget to extract elf2flt
2014-05-11 binutils/elf2flt: use alternate mirror
2014-02-04 binutils: Added ranlib to tools list
2012-11-19 binutils: introduce the infrastructure to support binutils alternatives
2012-11-16 scripts: add BUILD/HOST extra cflags/ldflags
2012-10-11 binutils/binutils: Add CUSTOM version and CUSTOM_LOCATION config options and GetCustom
2012-08-07 binutils/binutils: CT_BINUTILS_GOLD_THREADED should be CT_BINUTILS_GOLD_THREADS
2011-07-24 binutils: add frontends for building to run on the build machine
2011-07-17 binutils: split binutils to backend/frontend, a-la cc_core
2012-01-01 cc/gcc: install the core compilers in the build-tools dir
2012-01-02 binutils/binutils: don't install symlinks when in canadian
2012-03-04 binutils/binutils: rename function that build target libraries
2011-12-12 binutils/binutils: fix extra config array variable name
2011-11-23 binutils/binutils: build multilib
2011-12-12 binutils/binutils: fix extra config array variable name
2011-11-17 binutils/binutils: handle NLS option
2011-11-16 scripts: add support for building manuals
2011-10-09 binutils/binutils: ensure gold is staticaly-linked if needed
2011-10-05 Pass CXXFLAGS to binutils/gold.
2011-06-03 kconfig: prepend CT-NG's version tag to PKGVERSION
2011-05-31 binutils: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
2011-05-18 config: rename variables that are arrays
2011-05-15 scripts: interpret *_EXTRA_CONFIG config variables arrays
2011-04-05 binutils/binutils: add blind option to force use of ld.bfd during build
2011-04-05 binutils/binutils: also install the wrapper for the internall ld
2011-03-20 binutils/binutils: log even more
2011-03-03 binutils/binutils: use log level CFG for ./configure
2011-01-22 scripts: PARALLELMFLAGS is evil, rename
2010-12-29 binutils/binutils: add wrapper to gold and ld
2011-01-02 binutils/binutils: add support for threaded gold
2011-01-02 binutils/binutils: add support for plugins
2010-12-28 binutils/binutils: add option to enable gold
2010-12-09 binutils/binutils: build statically
2010-10-22 scripts: add "FILE" and "CFG" debug levels.
2010-08-23 binutils/binutils: companion libraries are not used
2010-04-11 scripts/functions: make CT_Patch dumber
2010-02-18 complibs: simplify config file
2010-02-17 complibs: split-up selection for individual libs
2010-02-09 binutils/binutils: fix using GMP and MPFR
2009-08-19 Use bash arrays to store binutils config options
2009-05-20 Merge the uClinux/noMMU stuff back to /trunk: