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# 17:35:00 y_morin bhundven: Done!
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# 18:31:54 memleak boom boom dudge... bah doom bah doom DUDGE DUDGE
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# 19:27:05 codyps bhundven: do we not have an override for /bin/sh to always use bash? (Or am I thinking of some other project)
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# 19:29:47 mingwandroid codyps: There's CT_CONFIG_SHELL
# 19:31:27 mingwandroid I had to add two companion libs, gettext for Windows and Darwin and iconv for Windows .. but they take for-ever to compile .. Is there an accepted way to say "use the system version please"?
# 19:32:18 mingwandroid All I've got ATM is CT_GETTEXT=y/n .. I was thinking CT_GETTEXT=system, thoughts?
# 19:54:42 bhundven y_morin: ?
# 19:56:47 bhundven oh, ibot :)
# 19:58:20 memleak y_morin is channel op so he can ban people from channel faster
# 19:58:52 bhundven yea, I keep running into this problem with "Installing C library headers & start files": configure: error: gcc must provide the header
# 19:59:12 bhundven gives memleak a bot snack
# 19:59:51 mingwandroid mmm, cogs.
# 20:28:32 memleak you mean cigs?
# 20:28:45 memleak real men smoke cigars
# 20:29:20 memleak hey how up tight is this channel btw? not a lot of people talk so i dont really know the rules around here
# 20:29:56 memleak some channels be all like "stop joking around" and others be like "it's been 20 minutes since you last made a joke"
# 20:36:19 mingwandroid couldn't really say, friendly but somewhat serious would be my best assessment.
# 20:36:37 memleak ok sounds great!
# 20:37:23 mingwandroid there's comprehensive logs in the topic though so you can get a feel for it there.
# 20:40:08 memleak ah
# 20:40:38 memleak so basically anything i say can be used against me in the court of law.
# 20:41:27 memleak except crosstool-ng doesn't have a legal thingy because money donations directly to the project won't work
# 21:30:08 oskude hmm, where can i change/add the mirrors ct-ng uses to download sources?
# 21:57:11 bhundven oskude: path and misc options > Use a mirror (CT_USE_MIRROR)
# 21:57:57 bhundven besides that, some of the mirrors are in the build scripts themselves.
# 21:58:12 oskude bhundven: roger, thanks
# 21:58:17 bhundven np
# 21:59:37 bhundven y_morin: I get the same problem with cpuid.h without multilib enabled
# 22:19:18 bhundven something up with my system or something.
# 22:28:26 y_morin bhundven: Yes, ibot! :-)
# 22:28:49 y_morin memleak: What is it about kick/banning people?
# 22:29:41 y_morin bhundven: Sorry, did not have a look at the multilib stuff yet. I'm just back from FOSDEM + two Buildroot Developpers Days. I'm pretty exhausted...
# 22:29:52 bhundven no problem
# 22:29:59 bhundven it's kind of a mess
# 22:30:35 bhundven on top of that, I have a new laptop and going through the pains of getting the environment right
# 22:30:42 y_morin codyps: If your bash is not in a standard place, you can tell where to find it at ./configure time: ./configure --with-bash=/path/to/bash
# 22:30:59 y_morin codyps: Otherwise, as mingwandroid said.
# 22:32:05 bhundven y_morin: it was because of a problem I had. I randomly spoke about toolchains being a pain, because I spent 30 minutes hunting down a problem that was dash being the default shell
# 22:32:13 bhundven but it was kind of not related to ct-ng
# 22:32:32 bhundven it's why off-topic is a pain in irc sometimes.
# 22:32:36 bhundven :/
# 22:32:58 bhundven how was fosdem?
# 22:33:10 y_morin memleak: Rules for the chan are about the same as in all channels: 1) we are all real people, please act as civili as posible; 2) this is a volunteer effort; 3) this is about crosstool-NG, off-topic is OK, but if it drifts for tool ong, move to another chan.
# 22:33:30 y_morin s/tool ong/too long/
# 22:34:17 y_morin bhundven: FOSDEM: great as usual! :-) I was not very enthusiast about the program this year, but it's a personal feeling. But the conferences are not all: you get to meet the people, too! :-)
# 22:35:14 y_morin bhundven: Yes, dash as default shell is a pain...
# 22:35:17 mingwandroid y_morin: I'd hold off looking at multilib for a bit (of course comments are welcome)
# 22:35:41 y_morin mingwandroid: You mean your v3 is not yet final?
# 22:35:46 mingwandroid y_morin: but I'm going to wrap my head around mercurial a bit and make a better patchset taking with help from bhundven
# 22:35:52 bhundven mingwandroid: after messing with multilib all night, I think there is a better way.
# 22:35:57 mingwandroid y_morin: we'll move the bit from codyps into per-arch bits ..
# 22:36:03 mingwandroid bhundven: do tell!
# 22:36:31 bhundven well, I don't know yet, but I think we need to setup for multilib earlier
# 22:36:41 mingwandroid bhundven: I think my patch cleans out some stuff which is good (it clarifies the multi-os vs multi-lib distinction)
# 22:36:41 y_morin mingwandroid: I know multilib is a pain. Some archs have some configure options others do not, and it's complex to know what supports what.
# 22:36:50 bhundven y_morin: yup
# 22:37:04 bhundven the problem is, the paths are not setup properly
# 22:37:15 y_morin mingwandroid: what do you mean "multi-os" ? Did you mean "multi-arch" ?
# 22:37:18 bhundven I know that's why codyps added the multi_dir to the function
# 22:37:28 mingwandroid well, the old stuff uses -print-multi-lib but that's internal to GCC whereas -print-multi-os relates to the sysroot layout
# 22:37:51 mingwandroid then there's a load of messing about to account for this, which I was able to remove entirely.
# 22:38:19 y_morin mingwandroid: but -print-multi-lib should give you pairs of {options,sub-dir} where to find/install the non-default libs
# 22:38:22 mingwandroid so 32/ subdir is an implementation detail of GCC, where it puts it's libraries only.
# 22:38:37 mingwandroid y_morin: print-multi-os is the option for that.
# 22:39:21 y_morin mingwandroid: gcc -print-multi-os
# 22:39:21 mingwandroid gcc -m32 --print-multi-os
# 22:39:22 y_morin mingwandroid: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-print-multi-os’
# 22:39:28 mingwandroid sorry --
# 22:39:31 y_morin mingwandroid: while -print-multi-lib is OK.
# 22:39:42 y_morin Da!
# 22:40:17 mingwandroid AFAIUI, you take the compiler flags from -print-multi-lib and throw them through --print-multi-os to get the sysroot subfolder layoyut
# 22:40:18 y_morin mingwandroid: OK. But -print-multi-lib returns three configurations, while --print-multi-os only returns one: ../lib
# 22:40:31 y_morin mingwandroid: Ah! :-)
# 22:40:33 mingwandroid yup, so take the 2nd part of each of the three m32 etc etc.
# 22:40:35 mingwandroid yup..
# 22:40:40 bhundven ah
# 22:40:58 y_morin hates it when mesages croses...
# 22:41:03 y_morin *srosses
# 22:41:05 bhundven notes the moment of enlightenment
# 22:41:09 y_morin Doh... *croses
# 22:41:11 mingwandroid that realization allowed a lot of cleanup.
# 22:41:26 y_morin mingwandroid: Yeah! I like the idea!
# 22:41:42 mingwandroid they don't make it easy though, also, we must track when that was added to GCC so we can do something fudgy for earlier versions
# 22:41:42 y_morin Tss... Bad keybiard, bad...
# 22:42:05 mingwandroid bhundven: what was your new thinking?
# 22:42:05 bhundven mingwandroid: or just make multilib depend on newer gcc
# 22:42:11 y_morin mingwandroid: Too old gcc: no support for multi-lib. Sounds a deal to me if we can simplify the code drastically.
# 22:42:17 y_morin bhundven: +1
# 22:42:18 mingwandroid bhundven: indeed, personally, I only care for 4.7 and above.
# 22:42:24 bhundven yea
# 22:43:42 bhundven well, a lot of paths are setup earlier, and with codyps's patches (that I've refactored into scripts/build/arch) it modifies the tuple to handle the different variants.
# 22:43:52 mingwandroid I had a bit of stuff in there for when it doesn't work: https://www.sourceware.org/ml/crossgcc/2014-02/msg00017/0003-_e_glibc__Fix_various_multilib_build_bugs.patch
# 22:43:53 bhundven which happens much later
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# 22:44:31 mingwandroid bhundven: yes, I'd love to be able to get rid of all the path making that ctng does, and linking lib to lib32 and lib64 in 4 different locations on the filesystem ..
# 22:44:35 bhundven it's good stuff, I just think that the paths need to be setup earlier
# 22:45:00 bhundven so gcc and others see the paths too
# 22:45:18 codyps also on multi-lib: there is a bug with --enable-multilib, the recommended course of action is to just not pass --disable-multilib to enable a multilib gcc (multilib "has been the default for a long time")
# 22:45:28 mingwandroid bhundven: ok, for multilib I removed it and it seemed to be fine.
# 22:45:35 bhundven codyps: that is in my mq
# 22:45:36 y_morin mingwandroid: did you did it on-purpose to have all the lines cleanly aligned? 8-O
# 22:45:36 bhundven :)
# 22:45:56 bhundven I'll post what I have soon
# 22:46:05 codyps great!
# 22:46:09 bhundven it's still in your wip state
# 22:46:14 bhundven but refactored a bit
# 22:46:30 mingwandroid ok sorry. I'll pastebin my latest patch that applies to diorcety btw, I messed up quite badly due to being crap with hg and in a rush!
# 22:46:51 y_morin mingwandroid: Agreed about the lib32/lib64/lib symlinks. They are a mess.
# 22:47:05 y_morin mingwandroid: I'd welcome such a cleanup!
# 22:47:15 mingwandroid I'm not convinced anything needs them you know, certainly multilib doesn't.
# 22:47:21 y_morin really has to find time to migrate to git...
# 22:47:36 bhundven y_morin: awh, I actually love mq
# 22:47:46 bhundven haha
# 22:47:51 y_morin mingwandroid: Well, bakc in the day, I did need to add them, or something would break (but can't remember what, t'was a long time ago)
# 22:48:02 bhundven git rocks though
# 22:48:19 mingwandroid y_morin: ok, talkikng to bhundven the big problem with ctng is that the scope is vast and it's hard to know you didn't break things
# 22:48:25 y_morin bhundven: When you learn to use "git rebase -i", you'll never come back, I promise! ;-)
# 22:48:31 mingwandroid indeed.
# 22:48:39 mingwandroid http://pastebin.kde.org/pvpiuwd4h
# 22:48:56 bhundven mingwandroid: yes, I broke so much stuff with static toolchain
# 22:49:41 y_morin mingwandroid: the 'die' function does not exist. We have CT_Abort instead
# 22:50:18 mingwandroid ok, bhundven is refactoring that bit
# 22:50:29 mingwandroid look at line 183
# 22:50:41 mingwandroid that's the block I was able to get rid of with --print-multi-os
# 22:50:50 y_morin mingwandroid, bhundven: I think you also need to test all the cases, since you could have more than one flag, no?
# 22:50:56 bhundven y_morin: yea, I'm gonna post a new patch queue here soon, thats a bit more focused
# 22:51:11 bhundven y_morin: yup.
# 22:51:18 mingwandroid good riddence.
# 22:51:28 bhundven needs new hardware
# 22:51:32 y_morin mingwandroid, bhundven: Since we use a decent bash, you can use: case "sdfsd" in test1) list1 ;;& test2) list2;;& esa
# 22:51:49 mingwandroid also check line 375, that's where I stopped doing all the ln -sf for lib32 etc etc, when multilib
# 22:51:57 y_morin mingwandroid, bhundven: the ';;&' means: continue testing.
# 22:52:24 mingwandroid y_morin: define "decent bash" >= 3.0?
# 22:52:35 mingwandroid y_morin: as OSX is still on 3.2 or thereaboutes
# 22:52:39 mingwandroid thereabouts.
# 22:53:24 y_morin mingwandroid: Yes, bash 3.2 should be OK.
# 22:53:40 mingwandroid y_morin: you are right there could be multiple flags, support neon etc..
# 22:53:50 y_morin Just check the man page (if OS-X stil has a man program, that is! :-] )
# 22:54:14 mingwandroid y_morin: I was tempted to port Pacman to it since we got that on Windows and Linux.
# 22:54:48 bhundven mingwandroid: it would be good to build a table of multilib combinations, and draw a line around the ones we want to initially target.
# 22:54:54 y_morin mingwandroid: Oh no... ;;& is a bash4ism...
# 22:55:01 bhundven isn't there also multiarch?
# 22:55:14 y_morin bhundven: No, please, no. NOT multiarch, please...
# 22:55:18 bhundven lol
# 22:55:19 mingwandroid debian came up with that.
# 22:55:26 bhundven looked down the rabbit hole
# 22:55:28 y_morin bhundven: multilib: OK. multiarch: not OK.
# 22:55:34 mingwandroid they decided things weren't complicated enough
# 22:55:50 mingwandroid https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Tuples
# 22:55:56 y_morin mingwandroid: And in the end, they managed to get their way to upstream that beast... :-( Sight...
# 22:56:00 y_morin Sigh...
# 22:56:15 bhundven ok, hrm, just built my trusty e500v2 toolchain just fine
# 22:56:29 bhundven no cpuid.h header issue there
# 22:56:44 bhundven e5500/e6500 is cursed
# 22:56:46 bhundven lol
# 22:56:49 y_morin mingwandroid: Fact is, when I asked a Debian toolchain guy (Wookey), he was not even capable of telling me what multiarch was even trying to _solve_ in the first place...
# 22:57:01 bhundven y_morin: lol
# 22:57:05 mingwandroid I'd rather have fat binaries that that nonsense.
# 22:57:18 mingwandroid than that
# 22:57:42 bhundven op, I spoke too soon. I thought it was on the final gcc. just died in the same spot
# 22:58:03 y_morin mingwandroid: In that page, in the paragraph titiled "The Problem", they just explain their solution. No trace of the problem at all... :-(
# 22:59:09 mingwandroid it strikes me that they said "the standard names aren't standard enough, lets make a new set of standard names"
# 22:59:17 mingwandroid I think xkcd have something for that ;-)
# 23:00:14 y_morin mingwandroid: exactly what I was gonna say. Go XKCD! :-)
# 23:00:34 y_morin mingwandroid: http://xkcd.com/927/
# 23:00:49 mingwandroid y_morin: yeah, that's the one.
# 23:01:23 bhundven hehe
# 23:01:34 y_morin mingwandroid: Actually, there *is* one new tuple that makes sense (somewhat): the x86_64-linux-gnux32 (for x32 ABI).
# 23:02:26 mingwandroid y_morin: just as we were all getting used to conflating arch with abi..
# 23:03:10 mingwandroid bhundven: y_morin: so is there a github for mercurial or anything like that? or can we just move ctng there and be happy? ;-)
# 23:03:24 y_morin mingwandroid: bitbucket.org
# 23:03:31 bhundven bitbucket.org supports both
# 23:03:47 bhundven and supports free private hosting
# 23:03:48 mingwandroid in an interoperable way? (hoping..)
# 23:03:58 y_morin mingwandroid: why do you want to migrate the repository off the current host?
# 23:04:23 mingwandroid y_morin: I just don't want to learn mercuiral, and would prefer it on github as I'm used to that is all.
# 23:04:33 mingwandroid y_morin: no offense meant ..
# 23:04:58 y_morin mingwandroid: Problem: currently using Mercurial. github has no Hg support.
# 23:05:06 y_morin does not like githuib much, either...
# 23:05:40 y_morin mingwandroid: but when we migrate to git, it will still be hosted on crosstool-ng.org anyway.
# 23:06:05 y_morin mingwandroid: And I won;t do the github fake pull-request stuff, they are just a pain...
# 23:06:22 bhundven so, I'm not finding cpuid.h under .build//
# 23:06:33 mingwandroid y_morin: really? I quite like that stuff.
# 23:06:43 bhundven after the first gcc build, during headers & start files with glibc
# 23:06:54 y_morin mingwandroid: They don;t leave a trail in the mailing list archives, so they are a pain.
# 23:07:05 mingwandroid y_morin: have you used Gerrit much?
# 23:07:33 y_morin mingwandroid: the list should be the all-complete location to find what happened on the devl process (tentative patches, etc...)
# 23:07:47 y_morin mingwandroid: No, I am really fine and happy with git, thank you! ;-)
# 23:09:23 mingwandroid y_morin: Gerrit is a just a collaborative frontend-y thing for git to discuss patches, but yes, it also doesn't leave a nice mailing list trail.
# 23:10:08 mingwandroid y_morin: I'll wrap my head around Mercurial for now.
# 23:10:43 mingwandroid bhundven: in terms of the multilib stuff, how do we proceed? You're going to put up a patch?
# 23:10:46 y_morin mingwandroid: Also, I don't like that it is a web-stuff...
# 23:11:05 bhundven mingwandroid: well, I need to get past my #firstworldproblem of even building any toolchain
# 23:11:15 bhundven >.<
# 23:11:32 y_morin OK, guys, I've largely past the time I should have gone to bed. I'll let you make plans for this multib stuff. See ya! :-)
# 23:11:33 mingwandroid bhundven: right. I've got a bad problem on Windows with our fancy pants MSYS2 thing .. gnumake segfaulting randomly.
# 23:11:40 bhundven forgot that I had my mq applied, so I just poped that and trying again
# 23:11:43 bhundven l8r y_morin
# 23:11:45 y_morin quits : Quit: Nighty Night!
# 23:12:38 mingwandroid bhundven: is mq basically like local branches then?
# 23:12:47 bhundven it's a local patch queue
# 23:12:49 mingwandroid you have a number of patch queues?
# 23:13:03 mingwandroid so I could import codys and yours and also have my own?
# 23:13:11 bhundven well, I think you can only have one patch queue, I think.
# 23:13:27 bhundven redundant, on purpose
# 23:13:49 mingwandroid I guess you can have multiple complete repos if you want to fake it, crosstool-ng.bhundven etc.
# 23:14:05 bhundven but I've only used it to queue up and prepare patches for patchbomb (hg email)
# 23:14:31 mingwandroid there's an ordering/indexing thing though? so you can drop some in and out that way I guess?
# 23:17:31 bhundven kinda, yea
# 23:18:05 bhundven I should make some scripts to do mq management stuff
# 23:18:15 bhundven but, seeming that things are going the git route...
# 23:18:35 mingwandroid yeah, but I think that's been talked about for a long time now :-(
# 23:18:47 bhundven yea, it's been beat to death here
# 23:19:02 mingwandroid I'm figuring that I'll be learning Mercurial just for crosstool-ng to be honest!
# 23:19:29 bhundven I use it a lot
# 23:19:30 smartin_ quits : Quit: leaving
# 23:19:40 bhundven I used to have to work with perforce
# 23:19:45 mingwandroid due to the things you hack on or through choice?
# 23:20:09 mingwandroid People in my industry have a lot of love for perforce generally, but I've never tried it.
# 23:20:42 mingwandroid I don't like central server based solutions, and couldn't imagine not using git really!
# 23:20:55 bhundven and user sandboxing (Centralized) was a pain, so I'd check out code like normal, and then make a directory a mercurial repo for me to manage until my changes were acceptable, and I'd queue them up in mq so that I could just push a bunch of changes at once.
# 23:21:43 mingwandroid right. I guess "git init" would be similar.
# 23:21:49 bhundven yea
# 23:21:56 bhundven you could use git for the same thing
# 23:22:08 bhundven hg is more light weight
# 23:22:21 mingwandroid yay! I successfully built Linux targeting compilers on Windows.
# 23:22:23 bhundven git is really complex underneath
# 23:22:51 doc2 quits : Remote host closed the connection
# 23:24:20 mingwandroid building binutils libraries for target, compiling Linux software on Windows seems a bit filthy to me :-)
# 23:24:35 bhundven mingwandroid: well, anyways, until I can get my laptop to stop sending my toolchain builds off the rails, I'm stuck
# 23:25:05 mingwandroid bhundven: can you fire up a fresh VM?
# 23:25:19 mingwandroid bhundven: that's my usual solution when things get too hairy.
# 23:25:29 bhundven hehe
# 23:25:33 bhundven yea, my computers suck
# 23:26:58 bhundven the mac needs to be reinstalled, upgraded to 10.9 and things have been weird to say the least. new hp laptop is an i3 quad core 2.4ghz. 4g ram.
# 23:27:01 mingwandroid bhundven: I do most stuff on my laptop too; the screen flashes every few seconds from when I dropped it and badly replaced it, the power cable falls out 5 times an hour and the battery lasts about 2 minutes.
# 23:27:43 mingwandroid bhundven: but it creaks along like a trouper running Linux and OSX VMs.
# 23:27:55 mingwandroid trooper even.
# 23:28:32 mingwandroid bhundven: I'd like a new mac pro, but I'd hate myself if I spent that much on an Apple thing.
# 23:28:41 bhundven heh
# 23:29:11 mingwandroid 10.9 wasn't Apple's best moment I don't think.
# 23:29:21 bhundven hopefully I get paid soon, I'd like to get this ibm rd340, go stick it in a rack somewhere, and not worry about building on my laptops anymore.
# 23:29:35 mingwandroid you'll need ventilation for that I guess?
# 23:29:52 mingwandroid finished!!! yay!
# 23:30:15 bhundven I'm in seattle, so I can walk down the street and run into a wall that is probably a building with a data center in it.
# 23:30:50 bhundven probably get something cheap at the westin for a 2u one-off
# 23:31:14 bhundven ok, now my e500v2 build got past the cpuid.h issue
# 23:31:33 bhundven but died in build-libc-final
# 23:31:42 bhundven a bug
# 23:31:43 bhundven fun
# 23:31:57 bhundven "Please submit a full bug report,"
# 23:32:46 mingwandroid ICE?
# 23:33:05 bhundven ira
# 23:33:28 bhundven oh
# 23:33:35 bhundven unrecognizable insn
# 23:33:40 mingwandroid ooh.
# 23:34:09 bhundven maybe I need to step back a version or two and try again
# 23:34:23 bhundven 4.7.2? glibc 2.17?
# 23:34:25 bhundven :D
# 23:34:42 bhundven currently: 4.8.2, glibc-2.18
# 23:35:57 bhundven just trying to work on multilib, start pulling on the thread that is the sweater on crosstool-ng
# 23:37:54 mingwandroid I've been doing 4.8.2 glibc-2.18 on intel (multilib) and arm (arm6) so far ..
# 23:38:07 mingwandroid and also eglibc-2.18 and glibc-2.15/2.16.
# 23:38:26 bhundven yea, I'm about to do an arm toolchain, maybe it will squeal about something in my setup
# 23:38:27 mingwandroid I can switch to trying to get PPC going if it'd help?
# 23:50:07 mingwandroid heh, I missed this earlier:
# 23:50:14 mingwandroid "y_morin: mingwandroid: did you did it on-purpose to have all the lines cleanly aligned? 8-O"
# 23:51:14 mingwandroid damn right I did. I worked and reworked multilib so much I had many gos at the commit msg ;-)
# 23:55:17 Botanic mingwandroid, hey I been tryin your binaries and I get ld: library not found for -lcrt1.10.6.o
# 23:55:33 Botanic i assume that i have the wrong sdk or something
# 23:55:38 mingwandroid Botanic: you've got a broken SDK yes
# 23:55:50 mingwandroid or you are not passing -sysroot to ld.
# 23:55:50 Botanic which did you use?
# 23:56:28 mingwandroid one I got from a Mac with "tar -cjhf MacOSX10.6.sdk.tar.bz2 MacOSX10.6.sdk"
# 23:56:48 mingwandroid the h is essential to follow symlinks, problem is Mac SDK has absolute symlinks in there...
# 23:56:52 mingwandroid that's dumb.
# 23:57:13 mingwandroid well, I can't speak for all Mac SDKs, but the ones I've known.
# 23:57:17 Botanic i have the dmg i assume ill need to extract that on a mac firts then
# 23:57:31 mingwandroid well, there's tools around but I've not used them in years.
# 23:57:36 mingwandroid dmg2img
# 23:57:47 mingwandroid hfs+ fs kernel drivers etc.
# 23:57:47 mingwandroid cpio
# 23:57:59 mingwandroid all the fun of the fair!
# 23:58:57 Botanic humm my ld flags were -Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names -Wl,-search_paths_first
# 23:59:02 Botanic ill try -sysroot

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