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Rework configure logic wrt GNU autotools
Rather than requiring them of a certain version, detect if they are present (and have sufficient version) and select an appropriate companion tool otherwise. The reason is that, for example, most recent gettext requires automake 1.15, but the newest available CentOS has 1.13. Hence, the option to "upgrade your system" does not apply, and the warning comment above the companion tools is rather scary. With this approach, it will work out of the box - either by using the host's tools, or by building them as needed. Note that the user can still change the setting in the config. While there, propagate the new version checking macro to awk/bash/host binutils, and switch from --with-foo=xxx to officially blessed FOO=xxx: the latter does not require checking for bogus values (i.e., --with-foo, --without-foo) and AC_PROG_* macros recognize the corresponding settings without further modifications. For now, I kept --with-foo=, if only to complain and steer people to the new way. To be cleaned up after a release. Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
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@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ export docdir := @docdir@@subdocdir@
export mandir := @mandir@
export datarootdir := @datarootdir@
export install := @INSTALL@
-export bash := @_BASH@
-export awk := @_AWK@
+export bash := @BASH_SHELL@
+export awk := @AWK@
export grep := @GREP@
export make := @MAKE@
export sed := @SED@