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docs: --target versus --host
In the very beginnings, eons ago, autotools also got confused by this whole build vs. host vs. target, and got it wrong. Now they fixed it, but they want to keep backward compatibility, so the --target is still recongised, although ./configure will complain if you do so. It is better to use --host. Signed-off-by: "Trevor Woerner" <> [ add build/host clarification] Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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@@ -11,15 +11,20 @@ Using the toolchain is as simple as adding the toolchain's bin directory in
your PATH, such as:
export PATH="${PATH}:/your/toolchain/path/bin"
-and then using the target tuple to tell the build systems to use your
- ./configure --target=your-target-tuple
+and then using the '--host' tuple to tell the build systems to use your
+toolchain (if the software package uses the autotools system you should
+also pass --build, for completeness):
+ ./configure --host=your-host-tuple --build=your-build-tuple
- make CC=your-target-tuple-gcc
+ make CC=your-host-tuple-gcc
- make CROSS_COMPILE=your-target-tuple-
+ make CROSS_COMPILE=your-host-tuple-
and so on...
+(Note: in the above example, 'host' refers to the host of your program,
+not the host of the toolchain; and 'build' refers to the machine where
+you build your program, that is the host of the toolchain.)
It is strongly advised not to use the toolchain sysroot directory as an
install directory for your programs/packages. If you do so, you will not be
able to use your toolchain for another project. It is even strongly advised