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Add the possibility to stop after a specified step.
Update the Makefile help and the documentation accordingly.
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@@ -95,13 +95,46 @@ where you want it installed, what architecture and specific processor it
will support, the version of the components you want to use, etc... The
value for those options are then stored in a configuration file.
-You then simply run make. It will use this configuration file to retrieve,
-extract and patch the components, build, install and test your newly built
+To enter the menu, type:
+ make menuconfig
+To build the so-configured target, simply type:
+ make
+This will use the above configuration to retrieve, extract and patch the
+components, build, install and eventually test your newly built toolchain.
You are then free to add the toolchain /bin directory in your PATH to use
it at will.
+In any case, you can get some terse help. Just type:
+ make help
+Stoping and restarting a build |
+If you want to stop the build after a step you are debugging, you can pass the
+variable STOP to make:
+ make STOP=some_step
+Conversely, if you want to restart a build at a specific step you are
+debugging, you can pass the RESTART variable to make:
+ make RESTART=some_step
+The list of steps is, in order of appearence in the build process:
+ - libc_check_config
+ - kernel_check_config
+ - kernel_headers
+ - binutils
+ - libc_headers
+ - cc_core
+ - libfloat
+ - libc
+ - cc
+ - libc_finish
+ - debug
Configuring crosstool-NG /
@@ -135,6 +168,7 @@ CT_VERSION:
The version of crosstool-NG you are using. Not much help for you, but it's
there if you need it.
Interesting config options |